rm_sweetkycpl05 48M/47F
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8/31/2005 7:52 am

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8/2/2008 1:28 am


OK, maybe I have no right to be ticked, but I thought we were all here for the same thing. I have read somewhere in the blogs that there are women listed on here that are more or less prostitutes, but I didn't want to believe that since I thought AdultFriendFinder was on the real up and up.

Well, we were surfing the other night and came across a real nice looking young lady. Her profile is a match to ours and she said she was looking for couples. So I email her in hopes of getting to know her. Now please understand that I (the female half) am usually the one making contact with people because hubby just isn't a computer conversationalist. So we wait for an answer which comes yesterday in the form of her asking us to mail her at her Y email because she can only answer so many emails a day here. Email gets sent asking her to tell us a little more about herself. She writes back and tells us that she wants us to come to her web site where we will get her real email, phone number and all. So as curiosity reigns, I click the link she provides just to see what the site is. It is called home page hotties and it is supposed to be free, but we are not signing up for it. She even said in her email that she is probably going to turn off her profile for here because she isn't sure that kids can't get it.

She wasn't a member when we joined. Wasn't even a member last week. So my guess is that she came on here to lead a few weak, drooling fools to another web site where eventually they will get burned because they have to pay for her services. I am not in any way saying that all people here are weak, drooling fools, but there is bound to be someone that will actually follow her to the new site thinking that she really wants to do what we are all here for when she would rather be paid.

I call this totally deceptive. Heck I don't even know what to think really. I am ticked off though. All we wanted was to find someone to play with and in return we get nothing but a bunch of BS.

WildcatJunkie 42M

8/31/2005 10:13 am

Yep, I have had that problem many times. So now I only look for profiles with no photos or ones with that have photos without the look of professional lighting...

rm_sweetkycpl05 48M/47F
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9/1/2005 5:54 am

Thanks,Wild. The thing was this girl was pictured sitting right inside of her front door at what we figured was her house. She was dressed in her bra and panties or a bikini. Her profile seemed to be on the up and up. I never figured she was advertising. Guess it is going to make us think harder about anyone we decide to contact.

ChinRyder 39M
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9/10/2005 9:12 am

I'd say better than half of all the new profiles are someone trying to get you to join their site. After a while though you do get an eye and are able to sort out the real from the fake. I don't know about WilkcatJunkie's opinion though- I only look if it has a picture. Physical attraction is still the first and foremost thing that we're all looking for and it has to be there for me. But that's just my own damn opinion.

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