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We went on a trip with a group to Vegas back in May. This was more or less a business trip with a little free time for us. There were about 30 people in our group on the trip and 80% of them were younger than us. Everyone was over the age of 18 and just a couple were under 21. We stayed at a cheap hotel on the strip. The younger ones seemed to think it was all about partying it up. They stayed up to all hours of the night, drank until they couldn't drink anymore, and there were some things that went on that made a few of them hope that the saying "what goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas" holds true.

Hubby and I enjoyed ourselves immensely. It was what we really needed to be away from the everyday life here and not have to worry about the little things. We had sex several times a day when our schedule would allow and sometimes even if it didn't allow it. We walked, walked and walked some more just taking in the sights and looking at the variety of people there. We were both turned on so much by thinking of all the possibilities that seemed so far out of reach. There was one particular young guy in our group that I would have loved to get my hands (or anything else I could get) on. He was what I wanted at the time, but things never worked out the way I wished they would have. I still think about the things we could have done as a 3-some with him.

The second night we were there a couple of the young guys met up with some women. We heard the women were older. We didn't keep up with that bunch of guys, so who knows what they were up to the rest of the week.

We shared a room with a lady that was engaged but you sure couldn't tell it by the way she acted. She is just as old as we are and she was after the younger guys with a passion. There was one night that if she hadn't been so drunk to the point of hanging in the bowl, she would have been doing who knows who. Once she was done with visiting the bowl, she went back at it again. Hubby and I weren't into her at all, but she would have done the Tom, Dick or Harry on the street if she could have. It brought new meaning to the words horny older woman. She has a jealous man so she is one that should be praying the saying holds true.

The night our roomie was hanging in the bowl, most of the younger bunch had gone out drinking as well. Most of them were back at the hotel hanging out when we walked out of our room. The pool was already closed but that didn't stop any of us from getting in there to hang out. Heck there was no other place around the hotel to hang. Hubby and I walked into the pool area just to sit on the side and dip our legs. It had been really hot in Vegas that week (we aren't used to that kind of heat) and this was a nice way to relax. The guard came by and told us if we were going to be in there we had to be quiet and behave. He wasn't going to kick us out since we were all adults and he thought everyone had brains. Well things were quiet for a while and then someone got pushed into the pool. From there it was a who could get who into the pool thing. I think there were two or three who ended up in there by accident. One girl decided to stay. She had been fully clothed in her jeans, shirt and a shawl when she went in. By the time she came out, she was down to just a shirt and undies. She took off her jeans and bra right there in front of everyone. I even decided to take a dip in my clothes. I discretely took off my bra and slid into the cool water. Later when we decided it was time to get out and head for bed, we had to help the young lady to her door since she was clad in only a shirt and undies with no towel. We then returned to our room, had passionate, steamy sex and drifted off to sleep well before our roomie came back.

The next morning we were to board a bus to take us to our next destination. The girl from the pool, her first female roomie and one young guy were missing when it was time to meet the bus. We were told by the second female roomie of the pool girl, that she was driven out of her room very early in the A.M. due to what was going on in there. It appears pool girl, the first female roomie and the young guy had come into the room to have a 3-some. The roomie that left was not impressed by the noises and pleasure they were having so she walked out with her bags. Several of us approached the door to their room to wake them so they wouldn't be left behind. Much to the amazement of several people the 3-some had not bothered securing the curtains on the window so we could see into the room. They were there in plain sight in one bed for anyone to see. We were later told that someone snuck into the room after they were sleeping and took pictures, but those have never been shown around. I think this is another bunch that should hope the saying holds true. Even though too many of us know what happened and have talked about it, I don't think we talk about it to people that know them.

Vegas was nice but it was too hot for us. We have already talked about going back in the winter months to avoid the heat and see the things we didn't get to see. I hear there is much to do in Vegas, but when you are there for business, you don't get the chance to check it out.

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