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8/8/2005 5:30 am

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8/2/2008 1:32 am


Ever since we registered on this site we have been searching for that profile that says to us "we are your match" but we haven't found it yet. It is so hard to find someone that really is serious and not just curious about swinging. We aren't curious, we want this because it is fun and brings so much into our personal sex life.

So what is it that brings a couple into this lifestyle? For us, it was our first experience. We have loved the idea of having someone else available for me when I wanted something different and daring. The thought of another man being with me drives me and my hubby wild. Our own sex lives leave us very satisfied and totally worn out. So, you ask how we have time or desire to have someone else with us? Because it brings us both so much pleasure and leaves us wanting each other more and more.

Now when we go out anywhere, we are both looking with our eyes wide open to see who and what looks attractive to us. I am not bi-sexual but I do tend to look at women to see what they look like. I really want a hand in helping pick the female that will drive my hubby wild. I know totally what he likes and what turns him on. We are noticing things that we wouldn't have noticed before. The girl in the grocery with no bra and her nipples sticking out at the perfect angle. The girl walking down the street that has that nice looking behind. The ladies that walk in our neighborhood because they have the right bounce to their step. It all leaves my hubby so worked up.

We also look at couples wondering if they too are in this lifestyle. A couple that we could please and be pleasured from. Same room sex so we can see the pleasure each of us is getting. Both of us so turned on by watching each other that we come home and have even more sex.

Is there really anyone out there that is ready and open to having a great night?

shopper65 52M/51F

8/8/2005 8:37 pm

we read your info and it really sounds alot like us and we also get turned on watching others and wondering. maybe we are that couple you are looking for.

rm_Trainer_Doc 46M
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1/12/2006 10:58 am

Here is my problem. I'm the guy, my wife isn't. Sure, she can talk about it during sex periodically, but I try not to push her because she truly isn't into it. She just knows it pleases me and sometimes when she really wants to drive me crazy she will talk about some fantasy.

Why can't she just live the fantasy? I hate that I'm looking around without her. I truly love her and want her to enjoy everything I'm into enjoying.

I guess you two have a very special relationship. Keep looking. Your perfect match will come.

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