So curiosity kills the cat  

rm_sweetkycpl05 48M/47F
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8/17/2005 6:39 am

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So curiosity kills the cat

So curiosity kills the cat. I have to ask because I want to know what defines a woman as a bisexual woman? What is your definition of bi-curious?

I have always said that I am not bisexual because I have had no desire to be with another woman one on one. I do, however, tend to look at women to see how sexually attractive they are. I have been known to turn and look at a nice looking woman to see her from front and back. I have mostly given the excuse that hubby does it and I like to see what he is looking at too.

We have friend who comes over once in a while. Sometimes she is wearing a nice low cut shirt and shorts. I have looked at her when she is bending over to see just how much of her nice firm looking boobs I can see. She has also sat down across from me and my hubby with her legs open enough to see just up the edge of her shorts. Yes, I look to see how much I can see of that too. The thing is, I like to look but I really don't have the desire to want what I see like a man wants a woman or a woman wants a man. I know I would love to see this woman do my hubby even if all I get to do is sit back and watch until they are done.

So what do you all think, does this make me bi-curious? Or would you say that I am straight with a curiosity of women?

StCloudCouple4 44M/44F

8/31/2005 9:44 am

We say straight with curiosity

rm_sweetkycpl05 48M/47F
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9/1/2005 5:47 am

Thanks, St. Cloud. I figured I wasn't really bi-curious but I just got to wondering. I feel what a woman might do in the "heat of the moment" doesn't really count toward her sexual status. I guess from what I have read her on the blogs and in the magazine, everyone seems to have differing opinions though.

rm_Trainer_Doc 46M
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1/12/2006 10:50 am

I just had to share from my personal experience on this curiosity question. My wife and I met and were married in Vegas. Now, since we were both living there at the time, it wasn't one of those weekend things like Britney Spears' first marriage.

Her present for me my first birthday after being married was a Vegas show. After the first act I knew there were going to be some naked women on stage. Sure enough, before the intermission tops had come off.

Now, my wife and I had met at church and I really hadn't seen this side of her yet. So during intermission I was a bit uncomfortable and just had to ask, where should I be looking? Her response, "Look at their tits, I am!"

My wife is not bi-curious. The last thought she has is to be with another woman. Part of my problem with my own personal fantasy is that she won't accept that part of my desires. But here she was looking at tits with me.

So no, you are not bi-curious. You are just a woman who understands that beauty can be found even in the same sex. So enjoy those moments worry free !!

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