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9/12/2005 8:13 pm

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Have you fulfilled them? Here or before you joined this place?

I read a lot of profiles from people saying "I want this... I want that... I'd like to meet somebody to do this or that to me, etc, etc..." and I can't help to wonder if they've actually met somebody who would do just that.

Meeting somebody probably isn't the real problem, but what happens next; did it work? Was it a disappointment? I find that one problem with fantasies is that they may be so perfect in our minds and when it comes to meeting somebody, the actual encounter may be more a disappointment. But hey... nothing ventured, nothing gain, right?

From what I read in some testimonials, many have fulfilled their fantasies and satisfied their deepest desires. I feel happy for them.

While on the subject of satisfying desires, I have a question for you that may have somebody special that shares your life. How do you go about telling him/her that you have some very wild fantasies that you would like to explore? Did you find that difficult to ask? I think is great when a couple can discuss those subjects openly and even better when they agree to explore their own sensuality in all dimensions. But when that's not the case, would you rather look for your fantasies without telling him/her?

Have you found that your special one also wants to explore his/her sensuality through fulfilling his/her deepest desires?

The question is even more relevant in the case where you have fantasies involving more than just the two of you... I know... if the subject is ever discussed, one of the first questions may be "am I not enough?" I find that's not the case at all... perhaps the line between pure sexuality and love gets very blurry, but there is place for exploring one's deepest desires without compromising love... or there isn't? What do you think?

Just some thoughts to take to the bath tub with your favorite wine...

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