"Every time you leave..."  

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9/12/2005 8:47 pm

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"Every time you leave..."

Yes... tonight may be one of those nights when I feel like writing poetry. Call it "light prose" but it's what comes from deep inside, wanting who I can want, loving who I can't love... I wrote this for somebody who became so entrenched inside me that sometimes I find myself whispering her name when the breeze brings me her scent, even if she's no longer around...

Nothing that a glass of my favorite white and my pen can't fix...

"Every time you leave..."

Every time you leave,
the wake of your hair
leaves the trail of your warmth, your being…

Every time you leave,
your scent impregnates the walls
in the rooms of my mind…
and the memories of you
come out to play…

My thoughts, like autumn leaves,
fall slowly, peacefully,
like a carpet, in the rooms of my mind,
where my heart tries to figure out
the puzzle of yours…

But there is no puzzle,
no story to tell, no dreams to dream,
only what could have been,
but never was or will ever be…

Every time you leave,
a story begins, and another one ends…
and only one thing remains,
Your scent… impregnated in the rooms of my mind…

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