Dirty/erotic emails  

rm_suzieq47 56F
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5/18/2005 4:45 pm

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8/3/2011 3:08 am

Dirty/erotic emails

Who loves them......ME
Who writes them ...ME
Who sends them ....ME
Who receives them.. ME

DO you enjoy sending and receiving Dirty talking/erotic emails...you can read it at your leisure..givng you such intense pleasure... your hand around your cock..stroking as you read...

And ladies your fingers in your pussy..massaging your wet swollen clit.... as you fantasize.. about a woman or a man... the choice is yours..

Spurt a load of cum.. as you walk into fantasy land...

Its fun...Love to hear from you...contact me...

purejoy4fem 46F/44F
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5/18/2005 6:01 pm

One of our most favorite things is playing with each other while we read some of the e-mails we get

rm_BigDnLady 43M/40F
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5/20/2005 10:52 pm

I love dirty little emails!! Especially from someone who gives me a great picture!!! HHHMMMM!


rm_dirtylicker2 41F
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7/8/2005 5:59 pm

suzie yr beautiful pussy has got me wet

Havethelot2 64M

8/28/2005 12:59 pm

Nervously I knocked on the door. Not knowing who was going to open the door made me excited, nervous and very aware of my tingling body.
The door slowly opened and the silhouette of her body with the soft light behind her took my breath away. The light shone gently through her hair framing her head in a halo. She looked angelic.
Without saying a word she stepped forward. Her eyes were big round and I was lost in their beauty. Luckily for me she knew what she wanted and without saying a word she reached out and gently but forcefully pulled me into the room. While still drowning in her eyes I became aware she was wearing nothing but her stockings. She was exquisite. Her breasts were beautiful to behold and I just wanted to take them gently in my mouth and roll the nipple between my lips until it was taut and tingling for her. Her body was like I’d never seen before. Gentle curves leading my eyes down to where I knew for both of us was going to be an area to be gently explored, tasted, and used for mutual satisfaction. Unconsciously I felt her hands gently tugging at my belt, while I tried my best to show indifference I could feel through the urgency of her hands she wanted to free me of my inhibitions but also wanted to play with me and tease me to ensure it was going to be good for both of us. Looking into her eyes I could see she was also nervous and I sensed for her this might also the first time she had done this with a stranger. Looking at her nipples I could see she was excited and when she slowly slid to her knees she knew from my face and my body that she was in control. My manhood was now straining to be released from my boxers but she delayed by running her nails up my thighs, gently cupping my buttocks and then running them down again. How I wanted her to just grab me and in doing so tell me that she recognised my need. But she was better than that, she knew all about control and how to make the tension build. Just as I was about to collapse with the suspense waiting for her to gently slip her mouth over my cock she turned her head slightly and ran her teeth down the length of my shaft. I was now trembling and only wanted her place her warm moist lips on the head and lick it gently with her tongue. I was hard, ready to explode but again she delayed, knowing she was building me up all the while increasing her own anticipation of the taste and feeling she was about to experience. Using her hands she gently rolled it between her hands. I could see she was subtly getting the feel of the length long but not too long and thick to ensure that she could enjoy it without distress or concern. I could imagine in her head she was planning the exact moment she would allow me to feel more of her body but for now she was in charge and I was being played to her tune.
Placing her hand around me she slowly started to milk it to see the small tear drops forming at the end of my shaft. I did not want her to stop, but I wanted her to stop teasing and put her lips over the head and lick the drops off as they formed. I realised she was stoking slowly each time almost stopping. Please I begged “Don’t stop”. I wanted to explode but she was in control and was eking out the pleasure for both of us. Then she did it. She took my straining member and slowly but surely put her mouth around I could feel the warmth of her mouth and the flick of her tongue as she drew it deeper and deeper into her throat. I had such an intense feeling and started to grind my hips trying to get deeper and deeper. Feeling her hands behind my legs she was guiding me to move with her rhythm as my shaft started to build and I felt I was about to explode even though I wanted it to last. Sensing my agony and my ecstasy she slowly started to remove her mouth whispering”not yet babe”. Slowly I realised she wanted more and while in one way I wanted release I wanted to show her that I too could be in control. Then without any warning she grasped my turgid rod and swallowed it as far as she could stroking my cock in and out of her mouth until I could take it no more and exploded into her throat. With a cheeky grin she licked me clean not wanting to waste a drop. Turning she headed to wards the bed rolling her hips in a wanton manner that told me now perhaps it was going to be my turn to be in control.
She lay back on the bed and watched me as I slowly removed the rest of my clothing.

She lay back on the bed as I gazed excitedly like a school boy with a new toy at her body. She squirmed wanting me to touch her but now I was in control and she had to wait for me. Gently I pulled her back to frame her face and gently licked the nape of her neck slowly running my tongue up to her ear lobe while quietly whispering ”do you want my tongue in other places.” “Oh, fuck . . that feels ssoooooooooo good!” she said wondering how soon I was going to get to where she wanted. Slowly I inched my way down her body paying attention to the different erogenous zones I knew existed but others often ignored. Slowly licking her inner arms I fleetingly passed my tongue over her nipples as I moved from one side to another. All the while I was slowly and carefully rubbing my hand up and down behind her knees and the back of her thighs. By now she was writhing and just as she had me wanting fulfilment earlier I now had her wanting more to happen. Slowly and ever so slowly I inched my tongue down over her body enjoying the smell and the slight tang of perspiration that was starting to form on her body. I licked prodded and flitted my tongue down her body until past the honeypot she so wanted me to plunge my tongue into. I gently licked around each ankle and then slowly inserted her toes one by one into my mouth simulating her previous action she had completed on me. Then slowly ever so slowly I licked every square inch of her thighs until the musky odour of her was infiltrating my nostrils. Using a firm ploy I pushed her legs apart and then placed my tongue on her while she emitted a long low groan. This is what she wanted. The feel of my tongue as it rested on her clit. She waited expectantly as I slowly inserted my tongue in as deep as I could and then started long slow strokes completely licking her in the folds up to her hotspot and then back down again. Her hips started to push upward as she strove to get my tongue into the places where she knew she would get the most pleasure when my tongue touched her with its warm feeling. My god she was wet. I was drowning in the taste and the feeling of her striving to get into rhythm with my tongue. To help her maintain her tempo she pushed down hard on my head with her hands holding my head and tongue firmly in place while she rocked her way toward the release she wanted. Uttering a guttural groan she convulsed as my tongue brought her the first orgasm she wanted. She then grabbed my head again and I could tell she was used to experiencing multiple orgasms and therefore I continued licking caressing and using long deep strokes with my tongue pushed her through the barrier others often cannot breakthrough to achieve her second orgasm for the night.

Looking up, smiling, my face wet with her juices. “Fuck me, baby” she whispered, “Fuck me!” She lay back, legs spread wide. While I was giving a tongue lashing I hope she would not forget in a hurry, my cock had recovered and was now wanting to feel her pussy around it. As she spread her legs and waited for me to enter her shaved, soaking pussy I could feel my cock was not going disappoint either of us. By this time I knew the sort of woman she was. She wanted to be in control but was also willing to lead the way as she was now demonstrating by opening her legs indicating she was ready for me to give her the cock she had been waiting for. The appetiser was good but nothing beats the main course. Kneeling between her legs I savoured again the musky odour while placing the head of my cock at her opening slowly stroking it up and down the lips and just occasionally pushing against the entrance until she started to rock in time with my actions. Slowly we gained tempo neither of wanting to speak until with a gentle but firm push I slid it in as far as I could. I heard her gasp as her pussy tightened in response to the feeling of my manhood sliding in and out of her. She rose up to take it as far as she could and the feeling of her pushing against me in the way that experienced lovers can was slowly but surely bringing me to edge again. I could feel my balls smacking firmly against her ass as I with each stroke I seemed to be swallowed more and more by her.
Knowing that she wanted to be truly fucked I swung her around to the scissor position from behind where I could also reach her clit and tits and massage them to keep her fires burning with in her. The feel of my hand on her clit and the feel of my cock as it slid in and out was starting to reignite the passion she felt before and I could sense the start of another orgasm about to begin. My cock was hard, very hard and I knew that if she wanted to ride me she would get the release she wanted. Without saying a word we change positions so that she was riding my cock all the while watching my face and seeing the enjoyment I was getting out of it. Arching my hips I thrust as deep as I could but was told just lie there and enjoy the ride because she loved this position being in control and grinding her pelvis so that her clit was being massaged and allowing her to control the depth of my cock inside her. Often she would tease by swinging her nipples to within millimetres of my lips so that my tongue could flick them all the while adding to her passion.

She was getting close to her fourth orgasm when she sensed I was getting close and without a moments hesitation grabbed my balls in her hand squeezing gently to stop me from coming. She had one last position she wanted. Doggy Style. It was spectacular to see her exposed in front of me and I rammed my cock home as deep as I could. Each time I did she would gasp a little as the head of my cock just touched the neck of her womb letting her know I was deep, hard, and she was being well fucked. This was fantastic and
I was close. I started to lose control as I thrust deeply into her when I felt her reach behind her to grasp my balls so she could feel me as I jerked and began to cum, spilling my juices into her as hard as I could I sensed she was also cumming.

We collapsed, exhausted and very satisfied. I left her there, freshly fucked, leaking and just wearing a wicked smile and stockings.

sexycoupleauckla 40M/F
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9/21/2005 9:21 pm

hello there sexy Suzie' if your interested in hgetting together with us an having some fun" please dont hesitate to contact us... Thanx..

cracklikka 78M
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12/11/2005 1:49 pm

Love erotic emails Usuall read themwith my knickers off and wanking till I Come

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2/26/2007 5:28 am

I love well written erotica and earthy erotic email! Check out my blog of erotc reminiscence, and let me know what you think.

175 posts
2/26/2007 5:29 am

I love well written erotica and earthy erotic email! Check out my blog of erotic reminiscence, and let me know what you think.

PorusHyoidPosts 50M
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4/21/2011 1:33 pm

oh I Love to read erotic and dirty emails they do make my cock hard and i have to stroke it until i cum
dirty chat is often
sending them gets my cock hard as i write thinking about who is reading andi hope stroking or rubbing as they read

instant chatting also realy gets me going

oag1957a 59M
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7/31/2011 5:34 am

i love read erotic emails i think it all about the fantasy

Make me Laugh or smile I might
yours for a while.

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