A Man's View about Female Orgasm and Multiple Orgasms  

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3/2/2006 7:41 pm

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A Man's View about Female Orgasm and Multiple Orgasms

A Man's View about Female Orgasm and Multiple Orgasms

Giving your partner a female orgasm or multiple orgasms is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

First things first do not get so tied up or hung up on making your partner orgasm, If It happens great, if not go with the flow, and just have fun with it. Yes, sex is supposted to be fun first and fore most.

From different women that I have discussed this and from personal experience I have found that it is much easier for a woman to have multiple G-spot orgasms, than multiple clitoral orgasms. If your partner starts to orgasm or is nearing that point , give them some vocal encouragement, a little dirty talk never hurts. and up the intensity.
Basically just keep doing what you are doin. Stick with what is workin, and keep doing it all the way through the orgasm and into the next.

As long as it feels good for both of you keep it up. Keep in mind that with each Multiple orgasm that anything and everything sexual will just feel that much better to her.

Also keep in mind for some women that G-Spot play may become more likely to result in orgasm over a period of weeks or months after first starting to experiment with it. So even if she does not reach the breaking point she is a step closer and has had a very pleasurable experience trying to get there. Also each time she orgasms it will become easier to get her there and they will happen for her quicker and with much more intensity than before.

To the guys thay say well I am here to hook up for a one night stand why should I put so much work into it?

To that I have a few replies first is a big pimp slap just for being stupid, second is that it may not be a one time thing if you take care of her needs. Third you can never practice enough, work those skillz for all there worth and learn as you go pimp daddy. Lastly the better you make her feel the better she will make you feel. Gots ta give to get I always say.

Well next time may talk bout different methods ect....
Depends on what you peps think so reply if you want more.

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