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4/4/2006 3:15 pm

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hmmmm. this is my first time doing this so please bear with me. i guess my problem is that i get winks or emails from women who claim to be serious about their curiosity towards their sexuality. i can understand being curious, i can understand accepting who you are but if you're going to do something like posting an ad in a personals community don't respond to anyone unless you are serious.

i have had a few women send me winks or messages but then nothing ever comes (pardon the pun) from it. personally, i'm serious about my sexuality and finding someone to share it with me. i have accepted that i am a bi woman and like women as well as men. took me awhile but this is where i'm at. and yes, my husband knows, understands and supports me in my search for a female friend.

enough about that. how's everyone doing??? LOLOL. it's a beautiful day!!! the sun's out. the sky's blue. it's a gooooood day.

rm_suntatt02 53F
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4/10/2006 1:36 pm

well, here it is another day. it's been absolutely gorgeous here in nodak land; i even took my dog for a nice walk and got some sun. what shall i write??? hmmmmmm. i know, i'll write a poem and see if anyone has any comments about it.

don't silence me
so that you can feel important
don't push me down
so that you can think you're strong.
how much would it take to just accept me
and respect me?
i'm not a toy
i'm not just some fuck off the street
i'm ME
divine in my own right
gloreously different
i have a certain amount of intelligence
so i'm not just tits and a vagina.
i have a voice and know exactly how to use it
you can't quiet me
or keep me down.

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