this time...  

rm_suntatt02 53F
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7/25/2006 3:57 pm
this time...

a lot of people are viewing my blogs and that's great but i am starting to feel like i'm just doing this for me. so this time, it is for me. LOL. it helps me clear my head and get rid of things so i guess for now on, they really are for me and if you feel like you want to respond, please do. the more the merrier. the question is, what to write about in this blog??? why do a lot of people have a problem with bisexual females in this part of the world??? i know it's a conservative area but you can find discreet people around every corner. it's just a matter of giving up a little bit of trust, that's all. getting to know the other person a little before you do anything with them. that's not so hard. is it??? i've been wanting to find someone discreet in this area for awhile and have come mighty close but something always happend and they disappeared. sad, but true.

how many people have you just disappeared on??? even though you liked the other person or thought you could have some fun with????

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