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4/24/2006 4:46 pm

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can a woman love more than one man at a time or more than one woman??? i wonder. i have a theory here about this. i am married...have a wonderful husband who treats me like a queen. i also have a cyberlover online. he also treats me like a queen. i know my boundries. i know my heart and body belong to my husband and i am very secure in that. my cyberlover knows and understands that what we're doing online will never come into reality. he knows that this is purely a cyberthing. him and i are secure in this. so, my theory is this. it is possible to love 2 men at is possible to keep fantasy separate from is possible to be completely secure in your relationship and yes, the hub knows about all this.

49AK 55M
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4/24/2006 5:59 pm

I think it is possible to love more than one person. It isn't that the presence of the second lover doesn't affect the first, because they do. In fact, my partner might tell you that I am more amorous when I am spending time with one of my other friends. The big question to me is whether loving a second makes your love for the first any less... and I don't think it does. That would imply that there is a limit to love... you only have so much to give, and I don't believe that is true.

Bringing that fantasy to reality is not easy, but it isn't impossible. If all it ever is for you is cyber, that is great... but it might come to be more some day... and I can tell you that it can work.

rm_suntatt02 53F
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4/25/2006 7:11 pm

thank you 49ak...i appreciate your imput. i agree, there is no limit on love; i don't think that just becuz you love a second person, male or female, that you love the first any less. the issue of sex though, actual physical sex is a whole other story. my body belongs to my husband and always will...the same with my heart...but that doesn't stop my mind from jumping in there and pulling a chamber of my heart with it, yeah??? i'm enjoying this new experience. i am quite sure it will turn out the way it's sposed to. thanks again 49ak.

spacecadet561 59M

5/12/2006 3:44 pm

Well...I've largely fallen out of love with the wife. I've taken two very different cyber lovers, though. The attraction is mostly psycho-sexual, but I find myself getting involved in helping them cope with real-world issues as well. One of my cyber-lovers is a 54 year old divorcee making up for many years of lost time. My other cyber-lover is an 18 year old girl trying in some ways to grow up (in one of my opinions) too fast and in other ways scared spitless.

Would I lay down my life for any of them? Probably not. The wife's already taken too much. The others are too far away.

Thanks for an interesting question.


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