Just a fleeting fantasy...  

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8/15/2005 6:21 pm

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Just a fleeting fantasy...

This past weekend we hit the oceanfront for some serious ice cream....yum! As we sat across from the Hilton, eating, I gazed up at the dimly lit hotel balconies and tried to imagine who was in the rooms.

There were a couple of gals dancing on their balcony to the live music playing below. I was hoping they were dancing TOGETHER but no luck. One of them returned inside while the other took a seat in a garden chair and propped her feet up on a small table.

My imagination wandered off to the thought of me entering the balcony and kneeling between her legs as she sat there. I liked the idea of doing that knowing that someone like me sitting from my vantage point could see it all if they were to look up as I was doing while dreaming! I ran with the idea of even standing her up against the railing and eating her from behind. Spreading her butt cheeks and stroking her ass crack with my slobbery fat tongue and pumping my fingers in and out of her wet pussy. Anyone on the balcony above could lean over and see it all. From below only the site of her pleasure stricken face would be available for their viewing and moans to be heard.

As hubby and I returned to our car in the parking garage opposite the hotel, I wandered over to one of the railings to peek down hoping he would notice my ass crack peeking from between the slit in my dress. He ran his fingers the length of my ass crack and poked at my holes. It made me smile but I knew he wasn't brave enough to POKE me with something more substantial for fear of being caught. It made me sigh at the thought of his unadventurous attitude but at the same time it all served to plump my pussy for what was to come later. Next time I will make him park on the LAST floor and convince him to let me have it right there, hanging over the rail watching the cars go by!

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