Camping Trip  

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9/12/2005 1:46 am

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8/14/2006 8:27 pm

Camping Trip we go camping over the holiday weekend, just the two of us. He sets up the tent as I unload some boxes. Afterwards, we go in search of firewood, and start a bonfire. We make a quick bite to eat, and then sit around for a bit, enjoying the night air and the glow of the fire. He heads into the tent, as I am cleaning up and putting things away. I then make my way to the tent. As i nestle in beside him, he is already naked. He moves his hand under my shirt and begins playing with my tits, pinching my nipples and making them harder. I turn to kiss him, feeling his cock in my hand growing stiffer. He moves his hand into my pants and begins massaging my pussy, feeling for my wetness. He pulls my pants off. I sit up and remove my shirt. He is now lying on his back, his cock sticking straight up. I have to mount it! I climb on top of him and guide his beautiful, long, hard cock into my waiting pussy and begin slowly riding it. Oh shit does it feel good! His hands cupped around my tits, squeezing them hard, which turns me on. I place my hands on his chest and ride him a little faster, his cock sliding in and out of my hole. He begins to thrust himself into me, moaning, saying he can feel my walls! I say yeah, fuck me back and he says, you fuck it! I sit up straight, my hands leaning back on his legs as I ride his cock harder, his cock hitting the back of my pussy hard! He cums inside me and I keep him inside me as long as I can before he slides out. I reach around and taste his cum as I lick it slowly from his deflated cock. He begins rubbing my clit with his thumb, as he sticks a finger in my ass, pumping it gently! I moan with pleasure. Just as I am about to cum, his cock is again hard and I beg him to fuck me in the ass! I yell out in pleasure, as I move along with his fingers. Fuck, it feels good! He tells me to turn over and show him some ass. I oblige. He spreads my cheeks and slowly inserts that hard cock in my ass after coating it with my juices. Slowly pumping my ass, I rub my clit, but I am gonna cum in a few seconds anyway just from being fucked in the ass! He speeds up slightly, as I am now screaming in delight, rubbing at my clit furiously, telling me he is gonna explode inside my ass! I tell him to go for it! He spurts his cream into me. MMMMMMMMMMMM, cum now running out of my ass and my hole! I stroke his cock, trying to get the last drop out! We kiss deeply and then fall asleep ine ach others' arms...

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