Passion Found at Passion Part 1  

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9/5/2005 11:34 am

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Passion Found at Passion Part 1

I have had quite a few responses from men.Only a couple i had agreed to meet.I've been talking to a certain 1 for a couple of weeks now getting to know him better.He asked me out and i agreed.I basically just told him I wanted to get a room and go wild animal on his ass.I think I actually shocked Hey,I'm very blunt and straight-forward. we go.He picked me up Sat. evening at 6 p.m.Before going to the hotel we stopped at the park for a little bit.We were standing by the pavillion overlooking the lake. The water and sun were beautiful.He had his hand on my back.He gently traced my spine with his fingertips.That caused me to arch my back.Back=very erogenous zone He said,"Hmmm,I like the way you do that." I turned facing him.Wrapping my arms around him we experienced our first kiss.It sent jolts of electricity straight to my pussy.He ran his fingertips down my spine again.My back arched against him.I could feel his hardness against me.I turned my head to make sure there were no children around.I slipped my hand inside his jeans.Wrapping my fingers around his cock.He moaned as i kissed his neck.He lifted my chin up.I looked into his eyes.He gently kissed my lips and said,"That look is killing me." I said,"What look is that baby?" He said,"THAT FUCK ME NOW look.Let's get out of her before i explode." We left the park hand in hand.I told him how to get to the hotel.I settled in closer to him as he bagan to drive.I began to unfasten his jeans.He just looked at me and smiled.What else could he do? lol I released his cock.It was extremely hard and throbbing in my hand.I brought my head down.I flicked the head w/ my tongue.He grabbed my hair w/ his fingers..gently tugged.Mmmm..i like that.I traced the shaft of his cock w/ my tongue.Came up to the head..slowly,teasingly putting it in my mouth.Gently sucking it.He began massaging the back of my head.His cock was nice. Thick..i could barely fit my lips around it.I started moving down on his cock inch by inch.Sucking a little harder,massaging his balls w/ my hand.They were getting very hard ,building up w/ the cum that was about to explode in my mouth.He began grabbing my hair tighter..mmmmm. His cock throbbing in my mouth.As he was pulling into the motel he erupted .His hot cum shooting to the back of my throat.Mmmmmm..pulsing,releasing every drop into my mouth.He parked the car,laid his head back,smiling,heart racing...

To Be Continued...
Fellow bloggers...just so u know...this is a TRUE story. Part 2 coming very soon.

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