Selling something??  

rm_sugarytreat 47F
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4/24/2006 11:03 am
Selling something??

I don't believe in 'selling' myself. In the past I have tried to sell myself as many many things to many people. I have even tried to be someone I wasn't because I thought they wanted this person I was trying to just got to be too crazy. It is a much happier, simpler life to be ME everyday and hope that is enough. If it isn't enough for someone, then I am not someone that needs to be in their life.

I try to be honest and upfront with everyone. When I created this profile I wasn't actively looking for anyone or anything, I can't honestly say that I am...I suppose I did it out of curiousity...wonder..maybe even needing an ego boost..Lord knows I don't seem to get any of that at home..

Does anyone wonder what I am trying to sell? Am I trying to sell something?

For the most part I am happy with how my life is at the drama, almost worry free..just really low on the sex part..LOL.

The response I have had to my profile STUNS me to say the very least...I think someone mentioned to me in one of the emails the stats are like 2 women for every million guys on here..LOL. Thanks everyone!!


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