Capt Monas cozy patch.  

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9/5/2006 3:21 pm
Capt Monas cozy patch.

It was Thanksgiving time at the seniors complex and many of the residents had packed up their RVs with brightly trimmed parcels, food stuffs from all over the globe and cranked up the yule tunes as they journeyed down the highway.

Seeing as I had only to travel locally to enjoy the festivities I donned my swim trunks and went up to the office that had a pool and jacuzzi thinking I'd soak these bones for a while.

As I opened the gate to the spa area I noticed from behind my mirrored sunglasses two huge spectacular breast languidly floating amongst the bubbles.

No number could describe the confident beauty that was her,her reflected charms were the color and consistency of spiders web floating in the breeze of radiant moonlight.

She had on a deep purple straw hat on with multicolored hay flowers arranged around the brim like a crown, a one piece baby blue swim suit with swathes of royal metallic blue.

With each heaving of her breath my maleness protruded a bit further.

I descended the steps into the gurgling water and felt the heat caress my dick, I sat on the bench by the spas jet and looked over at this mysterious goddess.

Her hat was pulled down as she appeared to be sleeping, her boobs floated and jostled in the water like balloons tumbling in a vortex.

I ripped off my trunks and wrapped my hand, palm to finger around my johnson and slowly mauled and massaged it to an aroused state.

As I watched her she adjusted her position and her left boob floated free from her suit, the ari-ola was immense, the size of a softball.

Its surface was prickly and her nipple seemed to surge and grow ever so lightly.

I closed my eyes and pumped harder and faster, the passions roiled inside of me and growing stiff and thrusting upwards the jism spewed from within and I watched its rope shape agitate into the waters.

Within a few minutes the goddess roused and lifted her hat, we fained acknowledgment that each other was there.

We introduced ourselves to each other and she politely excused herself and said she must get ready for her grandson.

After polite small talk I told her how happy I was to make her acquaintance and I said"please accept this as a complement and not bad manners but you're very beautiful, you bring the man out in men.

She said "I know."

Smiling a mysterious smile I watched her palatial derriere sway up the steps to the gate, looking back she said, "I hope we meet again in the future? I have a small group of women friends over Wed. night for bridge, do you play?"

I told her yes, but I hadn't played in a while, but if she were patient things would come back to me.

"Good, we'll meet Wed. evening at 8:00, bye." with a wave she was gone.

The bubbles were gone as I settled into the spa and without bubbles my nakedness was apparent, as I thought on this and stroked a turbid yet limp cock I wondered if she saw me and hoping she did.

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