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9/17/2005 1:21 am

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Bilateral masturbation

Of course i have some toys for my “forbidden” personal pleasures. And i tried it also with some fruits and vegetables. But after all, what i like the most are my own ardent fingers. i profit of all the sensitiveness in my finger points. And i think it’s the most natural manner to get off. So i developed a great dexterity through all the last years. Learning by doing: since long time an approved method. That not means, that somebody couldn’t teach me more. Something i am always open for. But it seems that my pussy loves my manners. Each time when I stroke and pinch my nipples it begins to drip intensively in anticipation. Yes, my cunt knows exactly, that this is only a prologue and that in soon it will get its big part too...

If the situation allows i prefer to play with my both hands, calling this “bilateral masturbation”. Slowly i let glide my left hand down the back through my ass crack. While my right hand cross the belly, travels over the pubis for meet my other hand just over the paradise for stroking softly ma glossy flaps, first outside, then inside, with more and more application, pinching them a little bit from time to time. That’s the moment my hole begins to steam. It’s diving time. With one finger first and then with two of my backhand i venture into the wet cavern. While a finger of my forehand tinkles my little pee hole. Of course, i know exactly where my g-spot is and i can find it each time easy when i want, for letting flow this spring of my clear juice, while with two fingers of my right i pinch and rub my pointed clit for the ultimate orgasm, squirting my nectar out...

Yes, i am a squirter. And i love to squirt my juices out, over my hands (for lick the fingers off), over my thighs and sometimes also into my panties...

That’s me, a dirty little self fucking bitch.

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