My first time  

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7/25/2006 8:56 am
My first time

I was 17 years old, and he was 26 at the time. We spent weeks talking over the net secretly, whenever i could get onto my brothers room to use the computer.

He was from Birmingham, and I from London, a fair distance but what seemed like a million miles away to me. We chatted on the net for a couple of weeks before I gave him my mobile phone number.

Although a couple of boys did fancy me at school I'd never really had a boyfriend before that, although there had been a few snogs here and there. I'd never really felt anything sexual towards a person before, not even the guys i'd kissed. It always felt kind of forced and fumbled and unprofessional (if that makes any sense!)

But talking to A**** on the phone got me aroused. I remember talking to him and feeling my pussy getting wet, my knickers getting damp. I'd lie in bed talking to him, and I felt excited. As i'd talk to him i'd play with my pussy, although we weren't talking dirty.

Eventually of course we did start talking dirty, because I'd get out of breath touching myself on the phone, and he figured it out. He asked me if I was playing with myself and I told him that I was. Then he started guiding me through what to do, telling me to part my pussy lips and spread the juices over my clit.

It felt wrong, it felt like I was being molested, because he was older than me and i'd never met him, and I could hear his breathing quicken as he wanked himself off. I didn't have an orgasm, but it felt good touching my pussy, being told what to do. It became a regular routine for us for about 2-3 weeks, talking secretly in hushed voices while I was in bed, my family in adjacent rooms sleeping.

It didn't take long for him to convince me that we should meet up. I was so nervous. I was nervous mostly that he wouldn't like me, that he wouldn't find me attractive. I've always been a well developed girl and I had quite ample breasts by the time I was 14, so I was used to attention from men when I was out and about. But I always put it down to the fact that men just looked at ALL women, irrespective of beauty or lack of it. I felt that my size -i was a size 14 then and a 16 now- would put men off, because I was bigger than all my friends, and my family always took the piss out of me for being fat. I was so scared of rejection, but my desire to meet him was so strong that I couldn't stop myself.

We arranged to meet after school, and it was summer. I waited outside the library wearing a white dress, and clutching a brown teddy bear (my way of identifying myself!). Neither of us knew what the other looked like, and every time i'd see a white car go by with an Asian guy in the drivers seat, I thought it was him! It was so nerve-racking!

Eventually, he pulled up in his shiny white Rover, smiling behind dark sunglasses, and brandishing flowers and boxed chocolates. I was very pleased cos he was cute, but as I got into his car I was so nervous that i was trembling. I was too scared to look at him properly in the face, but I recognised big, strong hands and hairy, muscular arms holding the steering wheel. I also noticed the well ironed beige chinos he wore and light blue half sleeved shirt. Looking back I recognise now why the 'boys' I kissed at school never turned me on; it was because they were boys, and I wanted men.

As he drove to find us a place to eat, I started talking non-stop (which is what i do when i'm nervous) and wringing my trembling hands in my lap. When he stopped at a traffic light he leaned his hand accross and held my hand, telling me that there was nothing to be nervous about. That was the first time he ever touched me. And after that I relaxed.

We went and ate at an Italian place, and I felt very grown up indeed. Naturally, he paid the bill, and because it was summer and still very much daylight, we decided to go to a nearby park. We parked in the car park of the park, which was mostly empty becuase it was by this time quite late in the evening. As we sat smoking silently(i'm ashamed to say i've smoked intermittently since i was about 15), I felt weird. At the time I just didn't know what to say but i realise now that what i felt was sexual anticipation.

He finished smoking and through his cigarette out of his window. Then he pulled my face towards me and started to kiss me. It wasn't like the kisses on TV, or like the boys at school. It was a hard, forceful kiss, his tongue pushed into my mouth, his hand holding my face in position. I could taste the sweat of his upper lip. I creamed my knickers almost immediately.

He kissed me like this for a couple of minutes. At first I didn't respond, I just let him, but after a few seconds I responded, pushing my own tongue around his, catching his tongue in my mouth and sucking it. His hand moved down from my face to my breasts, and he started squeezing them. He squeezed my tits so hard that it alsmost hurt, but I liked it and I didn't stop him. No one had ever touched me like that before.

The discomfort of our positions in the front seats soon became a problem, and he pulled away. He said it was uncomfortable sitting at the front, and would I come to the backseat. I laughed and joked, refusing on the basis that he would "have his wicked way with me". He laughed and joked back, promising me that his intentions were good and that he wouldn't do anything bad, he just wanted to "get closer" to me.

Predictably, I ended up in the back seat with him. I think I knew what was coming. But I wanted it becuase he was cute and funny and he treated me like an adult. And my pussy really was throbbing.

Almost as soon as we got into the back, he was all over me. He kissed me, pushing the top of my dress down exposing my bra. He looked at my tits while he squeezed them, and then he started to lick my cleavage. I remember thinking "Oh my god, this is so wrong", but enjoying what he was doing. He pulled the cups of my bra down with his teeth exposing my nipples (which i'd never seen so hard and erect before) and told me that I had beautiful nipples, before sucking them. Nothing about what he was doing was gentle, it was all urgent and almost rough. He didn't bother licking my nipples, he just took each of them straight into his mouth, but that first hard suck of my hard nipples was amazing.

Simeoultaneously he slid his hands up my dress, straight to my damp knickers. He squeezed from outside before pushing them to the side. I felt his hands exploring me, heady with the sensation of being touched by someone else down there, and he told me that he'd never felt such a wet pussy before, and that he had to take a look at it. He got down on hos knees and pushed my legs apart. I was worried cos we were in the park and I said "what if someone walks by?" and he replied "no one comes to thepark this late".

He pulled my knickers down and spread my legs wide. I felt embaressed, but turned on by the fact that he was looking straight at my pussy. At first he touched it with his fingers, and watched my reaction. He was getting his fingers wet from the juices flowing out of me, and using them to rub my clitoris which was incredibly hard. I was moaning a little bit cos it felt so good, and as he watched me he was rubbing his cock through his pants. That was a bit embarressing to see aswell, but I was excited by the bulge that I could see in his crotch.

Then he bent his head down and started licking my pussy. I remember feeling so much pleasure that I thought I was going to pass out. At first I closed my eyes, just enjoying the sensation of his tongue on my clit. Then he started to push his tongue deeper inside me, at which point I had to open my eyes and look down at him. He had his tongue stretched out and he was fucking me with it, his eyes staring up at me watching my reaction. I was out of breath, my throat dry, and I was moaning with pleasure. So much pleasure that I was on the verge of crying, it felt so amazingly good.

After a while he pushed one of his fingers inside me, and that made me cry out because it very slightly hurt. As he fucked me with his finger, he continued to lick my clit. At some point he pushed another finger inside me, and I cried out in pain again, but he was licking my clit even more furiously, so the pain was dulled by the pleasure, and I opened my legs even wider to let him push his fingers all the way in. By this time my legs were as wide as they could possibly go and I was completely relaxed.

After what seemed like ages he pulled his fingers out of me and stopped licking me. He sat down next to me and told me to unzip his pants. I could see his erection bulging through, and it was exhilleratingly exciting. I found it really difficult to undo his pants, cos it was tight around his massive erection, so he lifted himself up and pulled down his pants himself. He was wearing boxer shorts and as I sat staring at them, he stared at me expectantly. Then he took my hand and rubbed it against his cock. Then I got the picture.

I took his cock out and remember being embarressed, aroused and fascinated all in one go. His cock was looked huge; if my memory recalls correctly it was about 7"-ish. It was the only hard cock I'd ever seen before my eyes. I stroked it, running my fingers along the veins, and I squeezed it as well. He whispered "suck it", so i bent down and started licking it, just like i'd seen girls in porn movies do. I heard him groan above me as i traced my tongue up and dpwn his shaft, getting his cock wet. I licked the tip as well, and had my first taste of semen, as the tip of his cock was covered in pre-cum. I remember swallowing it and thinking that it didn't taste as bad as all my sexually active friends said it did.

He said "suck it" again, so I took it in my mouth whole, and pulled it in and out of my mouth, my head bobbing, just the way I knew it should be done, following all the instructions that ever womans magazine i'd ever read had given me. He was moaning so much, and once in a while, he'd say "look at me", so i'd look up, my mouth full of cock. But mostly I just kept my head down and sucked and sucked and sucked.

I absolutely loved it. It tasted amazing. Occasionally I'd stop and lick the tip and shaft, enjoying hearing him moaning and groaning above me. A few times he pushed my head down, driving the tip of his cock right to the back of my throat, and I had to resist the urge to gag a few times. But surprisingly I never did. I was so much enjoying sucking him off that I was completely relaxed and had no trouble deep throating him. Of course, I didn't know at 17 that what I was doing was deep throat. I just let him push my head down onto his cock cos it felt so good.

Suddenly he told me to get up, so I stopped and he told me to climb onto his lap. I mounted him, facing him, my tits in his face. He started to suck my tits again, and without being asked, i took his cock and positioned it at the mouth of my pussy. I was totally ready to be fucked. He asked me "are you sure?" and I said "yes". At the time, I thought he was considerate to ask me, although looking back I was stupid and he was a bastard cos he didn't even have a condom.

As i slid down, he thrust up, and I felt the first push of his cock against my pussy-hole. Immediately I lifted myself up again, cos it hurt so much. But he had his hand around my waist, and he used his arms to push me down onto his cock, harder this time, and i groaned as i felt his cock push inside me. I really did feel like I was being torn apart.

He thrust upwards, and i felt the relief of his whole cock inside me, my pussy clamped around it. It didn't hurt anymore. It felt tight, and hot, but it felt good. We stayed like that, his cock deep inside me for a few seconds. Then he started to fuck me. He lifted me up and down with his arms on my waist, thrusting his cock in and out of me from the hip.

I was moaning so loud I was practically screaming, and at one point he took one hand and clamped it over my mouth, telling me to "sssssshhhhhhh" while he fucked me harder and harder. But I moaned through his fingers every time he pushed his cock inside me. He fucked me harder and harder until his own groans worked up to a crescendo, and with one last huge groan he came inside me. All I remember was feeling a tremendous warmth spreading through me down there, and suddenly being aware that it was dark, and that there was no one but us in the whole park, and the thought of "oh my god i'm practically naked" creeping into my mind.

He sat underneath me, his wet forehead pressed against my wet breasts, breathing deeply, his cock shrinking inside me. My pussy felt sticky and wet. He asked me to lift myself up, and as i did his cock tightly pulled out of me, still firm and so wet. I remember his cum trickiling out of me and onto his cock and feeling so embarressed by it. He grabbed tissues from the box behind his head and used them to wipe his cock, handing me some too to wipe my pussy with.

I cleaned myself up and quickly pulled my clothes back on, as he pulled his pants back up. He grabbed cigarttes from the front and lit one, handed it to me; I said "Thank You". The he lit one up for himself, and sat back. He asked me "Are you okay?" and I said yes. I was trembling, and my voice was trembling too, and the hand that was holding my cigarette was jumping all over the place. He leaned over and hugged me, pulling me towards himself. It felt so good to be in his arms, smelling him and feeling him around me. I felt so secure and so wanted and so cherished.

He told me that i was amazing, and asked me whether it hurt too much and did I bleed. I said it did hurt but then it felt good, and that I don't think i bled because I didn't see any blood. Then he said that he saw some blood on his cock when he was cleaning himself up, and that i must have bled a little. Then he told me that he couldn't believe that i'd never given anyone a blow job before. I felt a bit insulted at that, cos i felt like he was questioning whether i'd been telling the thruth when I said i hadn't had a boyfriend before. But he reassured me that he wasn't accusing me of lying. He said he was just "blown away" (literally!) by how good it was. It felt really nice to be complimented. Ever since then, i've always been proud of my ability to suck cock well, and whenever i get complimented for it i always think of him, my confidence-boosting virginity-snatcher(!)

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