What is your Love Type?  

rm_studm0nk3y 34M
8/5/2006 3:23 pm
What is your Love Type?

I was recently speaking with a friend about Love Types, and how we feel most loved from other people.

I have created the following list as a bases for comparison. I think we all can feel love from each of these things, but I want to see what is the dominant expression of love for you.

How do you feel the MOST loved of the following expressions of love?
Women - Small acts of service (fixing leaks, cooking dinner)
Women - Quality time together
Women - Gifts and Special Surprises
Women - Love notes, and verbal affirmation
Women - Touch, intimacy
Men - Small acts of service (ironing cloths, cooking dinner)
Men - Quality time together
Men - Gifts and Special Surprises
Men - Love notes, and verbal affirmation
Men - Touch intimacy

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