rm_studm0nk3y 34M
7/31/2006 5:49 pm

I am still new with physical intimacy. As a result I don't know how I will be in bed. Before I make the decision to become intimate, I plan to discuss preferences and communicate whatever else feels appropriate for us as a couple.

However, once in the bedroom, I want to have an idea what to expect for communication with my partner. Women are not all the same, but I am hoping to get a feel for what will be expected for communication between us. I don't want to end up asking, "How does this feel," too often or spend alot of time doing things that just don't feel good.

This is coming from a first timer, so keep that in mind for your polls.

For the men, what did you find with your partners?
Women - Explore to your hearts content. I'll let you know if something doesn't work for me.
Women - You'll have a good idea what is working for me by how I respond physically.
Women - Do what comes naturally, but do ask me how I like it occasionally.
Women - At this stage in life I am looking for a man who knows the ropes.
Men - She will tell you if she doesn't like what you are doing.
Men - She probably won't need to tell you much, because you will be able to read her responses.
Men - Open communication is the only way. Don't worry about losing the moment by asking.
Men - She may or may not know what she wants, but hopes you'll figure it out.

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