My favorite dream  

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4/13/2005 10:31 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My favorite dream

My favorite fantasy starts with me walking at the mall or some other public place. I notice that a woman is checking me out from afar. Whenever I look at her she turns away as to play off that she isn't looking. When I move closer to her she walks away as if she doesn't notice me.

After doing some shopping I decide to try on some clothes that I've picked up. While in the fitting room, this mystery woman suddenly joins me. She doesn't say a word, but stares lovingly into my eyes. She drops her sun dress to the floor exposing her naked body. Grabbing my hands she guides them over her firm breasts, down her waist, around her ass, then over her moist pussy. She reaches down and removes my boxers still gazing into my eyes. She kneels down in front of me and starts kissing my balls. She teases me by not touching my cock just kissing and licking around it. My cock is hard and waiting for the warmness of her mouth. Still teasing me she gets up and has me kiss her breasts and nipples. She places her hands on my shoulders and starts pulling me down to her lovely shaved pussy. As I kneel in front of her she places her legs on my shoulders and presses her very wet vagina over my mouth. She moans quietly so as not to give away whats going on in our stall. After several minutes we switch positions and she finally gives the long awaited attention my wet hard cock has been longing for. She licks and sucks me feverishly as if she hadn't had a cock in her mouth for a very long time. I try to hold back but the sensations are just too strong and I have to release my cum in her mouth. She swallows every bit of it and even licks around my cock to clean it up. Still not saying a word, she slips on her sun dress and walks away leaving me in awe. Who was this woman and why did she pick me? It doesn't matter though because it was the best oral ever!

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