Roxanne Ohh Roxanne  

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3/28/2006 3:10 pm
Roxanne Ohh Roxanne

A while ago I was living in an apartment complex. I twas surrounded by green rolling hills with patches of bushes interspersed throughout. As usual, I was out going for my daily walk and enjoying the warmth of the late spring day. The greenery was out in all its glory with any plant that flowered showing off it's colours. As I passed by one of the bushes, I heard a loud rustling noise. There were lots of animals in the area so I looked around hoping to catch a glimpse of whatever it was.
To my surprise I heard some giggling. My curiosity was aroused by now, Millions of scenarios all crammed my head at the same time, trying to burst into the open. I started to walk towards were the rustling and giggling had come from. As I neared the bushes, I heard a voice call out,"get in here quick before someone sees you. I couldn't see through the thick leaves and blossoms on the branches of the bush so I leaned forward for a better look. Just then a hand reached out and grabbed me by the arm and pulled me into the middle of the bush. Sitting thee was Roxanne. Roxanne lived across from me in the apartment complex. She was 5'8", long slender legs, hips that exhibited her womanly features to the utmost in divinity. Her supple looking breast were plentiful. But it was her brown eyes and blond hair that were truly Roxanne's best assets. She was a beauty queen if there ever was one. Needless to say Roxanne was completely naked in the bushes. I looked around and didn't see her clothes anywhere. "Rick," she giggled, I have been waiting for you for over an hour. I was beginning to get worried that you wouldn't show up or that someone else would find me."
"You've been waiting?" I asked in total surprise. "How did you..."
"I have been following you for over a week now on your walks. You are so predictable." She explained.
"But why?" I asked.
"Because ever since you moved in, I have been horny as hell," she said. And she leaned over a planted a big wet and juicy kiss on my lips. The kind you never forget. She grabbed my hand and placed on on her breast. Ohh it felt so good. Soft yet firm and jiggly as she giggled again. As I fondled her wonderful breast she began to undress me. I was nervous, but let her continue. Once my shirt was off and my pants undone she pushed me over so that I fell back against the cool moist ground. It was a shock for an instant, but soon the ground became warm to the touch. Roxanne pulled at my shoes and removed my socks and pants. I pulled her on top of me and placed my lips near hers. Instead of kissing her, I brushed her hair aside and ran my lips along her neck. She let out a soft moan that initiated my arousal. Feeling this she reached down and cupped my balls in her hands and massaged them as I achieved a full erection.
I grabbed her by the waist and slowly pulled her pussy over my erection. I let Roxanne control the speed of penetration, which was very slow and controlled and drove me wild. I wanted to pump like made but Roxanne whispered, "slow and easy, slow and easy. We have lots of time."
As we pumped our motion became in sync and the sensations in creased. To slow down my climax, I concentrated on kissing and licking her breast. I started slowly on the outside of her breasts not wanting her to loose her rhythm due to my selfish desire to hone in on her perfectly erect nipples. As I required to hold off blowing my load, i would get little closer to her nipples, until finally I felt like I was going to explode I took a nipple between my lips and sucked on it gently. This caused Roxanne to moan and dig her nails into my skin. The dig hurt and distracted me enough to hold back my cum. Catching glimpse of the firmness of the other nipple out of the corner of my eye and not wanting it to feel left out, I let go of the one and targeted the second. Roxanne let out an animal guttural sound that I took as a sign she was approaching her climax. As she tightend her grip of me I let myself go. We both let out a grunt as our bodies seemed to shiver uncontrollably. She collapsed on top of me and curled her legs up onto my legs and lay there. she turned her face up towards mine and smiled. I gazed into her eyes and longed for her even more. As we laid thee I could feel her breath against my face. Her breath smelled sweet. I longed for the moment to never end. Roxanne Ohh Roxanne.

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