Mano a Mano  

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4/4/2006 3:55 pm
Mano a Mano

About a year ago, I was working in the basement on a woodworking project when the phone rang.
"Hello," I answered?
"Hello," came the reply, "Is stubby there?"
"Speaking,"I said,
"Hi, this is Peter, you called my answering service about a month ago, I'm sorry but I've been out of town and just got back."
It was all coming back to me. I had joined a dating service that was serviced by voice mail. One particular notice attracted me a lot. I had never been with a man before. I was having dreams of being with one and found myself enough courage to respond to Peter's particular add. I had forgotten all about it as I had waived it off that he wasn't interested.
We chatted a few minutes introducing ourselves upon which he invited me over for a drink. Not to pass on an opportunity to meet someone new, I agreed and headed over to his place. I new the apartment building in which he lived as some of my friends also lived there. I had the usually butterflies and excitement about meeting someone new as I drove over. I pulled up in the parking lot, buzzed up and before I new it I was knocking on his door.
"Come in," he said, "What do you drink."
"Do you have any beer?"
"Sure," he handed me a bottle. It tasted good after a bit of hard work. I sat on his sofa and he sat next to me, we talked about the weather some sport and politics. I then switched the subject and started telling him how much I liked sex and that I wanted it up the ass and I wanted to suck his cock.
I think i took him by surprise as I could see the bulge in his pants grow. He got up and said, "I think it's time to hit the bedroom." I got up and agreed. I had my clothes off before I got to the bed and hopped on it. He was not far behind. We wrestled for the top position and he won. He reached down and put my cock in his mouth and started to suck me off. It was wonderful. The warmth, the moistness. It was exactly wwhat the doctor ordered. I pulled him around so that I could reach his manhood. I began massaging his balls in one hand and massaging his ass and rod with the other. I ran my hands up and down his butt cheeks, pressing against those areas that caused him to moan and temporarily interrupt the awesome blow job. As I came he continued to suck me off until I was done, not spilling a drop. Taking a minute to capture my breath and composure, I returned the favour. I rolled him over and grabbed his cock and stuck itinmy mouth. I gaged and almost threw up. I had never done this before. Peter, being kind and patient showed me the technique which I learned quickly and I was off to the races once again. This time not missing a beat. It was a wonderful sensation having someone trust you enough to have his pride and joy in your mouth. The sensation of twirling my tongue and checking out his excitement was exhilarating. When he came I returned the favour and continued sucking until all him come had exited. I thought it would be gross, but in fact it was extremely tasty.
Peter laid back for a second and grabbed his breath. He then climbed on top of me positioning ourselves face to face and cock to cock and started humping me. Well Jack, what an incredible sensation. The feeling of the two pricks together, the kissing and massaging. It was making love in all its glory. We continued making love until both of had a second orgasm. Double Dutch Wham. Damn it was good. Afterward we cuddled together and slept till morning.
From that moment on, I have been bi-curious wanting more.

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