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Dedicated to and Inspired by: Becca

It was going to be a cold one tonight. The temperature was already at ‒21 and with the wind chill it felt like ‒40. I had to find somewhere to get out of the cold. I wasn’t ready to die. I was still very young and had my whole life ahead of me.

I entered into a doorway. Whew at least the wind was gone. It was deceptively warmer without the wind. But the frostiness of the cold air still bit at my extremities. It was dark inside the door. Should I go further in or go back out. I chose to go further in. I hit something. It felt harsh against my leg and caused me to rub it. I knew there would probably be a bruise there later on.

Suddenly I felt a wisp of warm air. I paused; sure enough I could feel warm air coming from above. I jumped up I thought were several boxes, sensing and reaching for the warm air. I had reached what appeared to be a roof. I could climb no higher. I moved around trying to get as close to the warmth as I could. I found a spot that was nice. The floor was very warm and above me was a soft blanket. I lay down and curled myself up into a ball as best I could. It was comfortable. I fell asleep.

Suddenly, I was awakened by a loud grinding noise. The floor started to vibrate and gave off a rumbling sound. I was petrified, too frightened to move. I cried out for help, but I came to the conclusion that no one could here me. I wedged myself into a corner, so I could keep my balance. The floor seemed to be moving and had a mind of its own. I felt like it was trying to throw me off it. The rumbling noise increased in intensity. All of a sudden the warmth of my position gave way to a cold breeze. The chill in the air went right to my bones. I started to shiver. I couldn’t stop. All I could think of now is that I was going to freeze to death.

It seemed like an eternity before the rumbling died off. I was crying for help continuously now. I was cold. My joints were so stiff, I could not move. I could here voices nearby and kept crying out. Suddenly the roof lifted off from above me. A bright white light shone down at me. I must have died, I thought. I’ve often heard it said that you see a bright light as you proceed to the other world and the gates of heaven open up for you.
But wait, I felt a hand next to me. My eyes were still not used to the light. A second hand came down. The warmth of the hands was reassuring. I was not dead after all. I looked around and saw five faces looking at me. “Are you okay,” one of them asked. He isn’t moving, is he still alive,” yet another voice asked. I think so.
I couldn’t stop shivering I was so cold and I still couldn’t move. Some one took off their coat and wrapped it around me. The warmth felt sooooo good. I closed my eyes and drifted off.

When I awoke I was in a bed. Tucked in tight. I was warm. I had stopped shivering. My joints were sore, but I could stretch. Ah that felt good. There was some food and water nearby. I had a drink and a bite. I found I couldn’t keep anything down. I curled up and went back to sleep. Sleeping brought me peace.
I went through the same waking eating and drinking routine for many days. I could feel my aches and pains melt away. I started dreaming again. I dreamt of being held by someone. Just knowing someone was there, cheered me up. My thoughts started up again. Where was I, Who was looking after me? I haven’t seen anyone one for so long.
I got up today and walked around. I was a bit dizzy at first but soon got the hang of it again. I lay back down. This time I kept the food and water down. I felt so thin, like a wafer. I wondered what I must look like. I bet it wasn’t good.
I had a visitor today. They told me that they had found me a place to live. They said I was strong enough now to start taking care of myself again. I was frightened. We went out to the car. The cold air brought back memories. Memories I wish I didn’t have. My bones could feel the chill creeping back in. I was glad to get into the car. It was warm again. We drove for about 10 minutes when we came up to a nice house. Well, this is your new home. I was afraid. What would be inside the doors?
We went up to the door and knocked. A middle-aged man answered the door. Oh hi, we are expecting you. Come on in make your self at home. I looked around him. Stepped inside and was rushed by two children who came to greet me. They asked me my name. It was obvious by the way they spoke they new me and wanted me to feel at home. I was shy at first. But went over to see them. As I did a cat came wondering over. Sat down in front of me and just looked at me. He got up and walked away. Then a second cat came over. Not realizing I was there probably and just curious to see what all the commotion was, she hissed at me. She was obviously threatened by my presence. I took a step back as to indicate I would be no threat. She stopped hissing and walked away.
I peered around the children, who were laughing and talking. I lost track at what they were saying when a huge mongrel of a dog came up. Walked right up to me and sniffed. Get a way I thought. Dogs have a way of embarrassing a body and I wasn’t in the mood right now. The gentleman grabbed the dog by the collar and took him away. Good I thought. The children lead me into the house and gave me a tour while dropping my things off in my room as we went through it. This is nice I thought. The elderly man said all right everyone. It’s been exciting, but there is school tomorrow and you guys need your sleep.
I like it here, I want to stay.

At first I was called Westin, as that is where I crawled up into the car. But my new family calls me Wesley. See my pic.

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4/17/2006 11:51 pm

You were a cat? This is a story about you as a cat? Am I correct? if so, I love it! I will have to have Becca come check it out. I know you posted it on her blog as well, but I didn't get a chance to read it.


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4/21/2006 6:41 am

Stubby thank you so much! I have many times thought of stopping the rescue work I do. I see the dark side of life but then when someone adopts these mistreated abandoned babies I also see the glory of God!

Kris pointed out this dedication to me and I felt some value left in my life! I thank you for this reaching out to another human! Maybe I will make it awhile longer till the rainbow in my life shines once more.

Thank you for showing mercy and kindness to a creature less fortunate. God let you light shine through the generous act of kindness you have shown! He saved the kitty from your engine and gave you the chance to nurture one of his great creations for he made animals for man to enjoy not destroy!

Stubby read my blog for today. My story has a sadder end. But the chance for mercy at a price was also given again to me.

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