Farm Girls  

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Farm Girls

It was a hot September day. I was working in the corn field. We were cutting down the corn and chopping it up in order to fill the silos for the winter. Driving the tractor back and forth down the rows of corn is a mind numbing task. You need to concentrate in order to keep the everything lined up so there is no wastage. Once you have a full wagon. you take it to the silo and unload it into the blower. The blower blows the corn up into the silo.
As far as difficult jobs go sitting in a tractor all day, is not what i call fun. The tractor lunges and lurches over all the bumps in the field. By the end of the day your back is so stiff and sore, you just want to stretch out and give it a break.
it was getting to be sunset on this particular day. I new the silo was getting pretty full, so once I finished unloading the wagon. I needed to climb the silo to see how more wagons it would take.
I got to the top and looked in, the silo might take one more wagon. I leaped over the edge into the silo, thinking I could take a quick break and give my back a well needed rest. I stretched out in the middle and stretched my arms and feet as best I could. i could sure use one of those medieval racks to pull me apart. I was thinking to myself. No pull to hard, but enough to ease my back pain.
The smell of freshly chopped corn is ever so sweet. I laid there sucking in breaths full of the tantalizing smell. I piked through the chop for a couple of kernels to chew on and suck out some moisture for my dry parched lips.
As I was looking for a couple more, I felt the corn i was laying on sink a little. I looked up to see Brenda. She had just climbed up and was having a look at our progress. Brenda was the farmers daughter in which I worked for. She was my age with long straight auburn hair. She had a tan from working alongside in the field with us hired hands. Although you couldn't tell from the coveralls she always wore, I was sure she had some very nice curves that she could be proud of.
"Whatcha doin," she asked.
"I'm checking the silage height before going back for another load," I explained.
"Funny that," she said "you don't need to be laying down to do that."
" Your right Ma'am," I answered. We always called her that. She hated it. Made her feel old she would say. Your one of the bosses we would reply. Just providing marks of respect.
I put my hands down and was pushing myself to get up when she approached and pushed me down again.
"Hey," I said. "What you go and do that for".
"I liked it when you were lying down. Kinda made me feel like I'm your master and your a slave. You need to pay me more respect."
I rolled over and grabbed her legs. They swung out from under her and she fell into the silage.
"That's not showing me respect," she said looking at me. She had corn in her hair and some of it was plastered against one of her cheeks.
"Can't show respect to someone who is covered in corn", I explained.
"Why you ..." As she was reaching over to pound on me with her fists, I grabbed her and put her lips against mine and gave her a tender kiss.
She pushed back. "Now that's more like it," she said and moved closer this time grabbing me and kissing me back. Not wanting to lose the moment I reached out and held her close to me in my arms. She reached around and held me as well. Our kiss was electric. shock waves of excitement building and releasing through our bodies all emanating from our lips. I heard that a good kiss is like seeing fire works. Now I knew they were right.
After what I thought was an hour, she broke away, stood up and removed the straps of her coveralls from her shoulders. Her coveralls fell to the ground. to my surprise, she stood in front of me in nakedness. She had what you call a farmers tan. her face and arms and neck area were dark with colour but the rest of her was milky white.
Her breasts were tumultuous. Those coveralls indeed sid hide a magnificent feminine curvature. Her pubic hair was light brown, groomed with little wisps of curls near the ends and the lips of her pussy were extending just sufficiently to be visible.
"Well, watcha waitin for," she said get undressed and show me my respect. I undressed as fast as I could. Fumbling with the buttons and buckles of my shirt and jeans. Soon I was standing in front of as naked as she was. She walked a step closer and pushed at me. " your on the bottom, I don't like getting corn up the crack of my ass she explained. I fell back ward onto the soft silky corn reaching out as I did and grabbing her to fall onto me. As we fell I sunk into the corn. it half covered me. She reached out and brushed it off from between us. The raised her legs up and straddled me like riding a a pony with short stirrups. I grabbed her hips and helped her ride away. Up and down gliding along my shaft. While riding away, I could feel her muscles tightening and grabbing onto me for each rise than loosing on the down swing. It wasn't long before I exploded my cum into her. As i did she come to rest leaving me inside her until I was dry. She than stood up pulled up her coverall and called. "Come on we don't got all day. We got a silo to fill." I got up, dressed and was swing over the side of the silo, when she called. "I like lots of respect."
I finished topping up that silo. They had two others that were filled over the next couple of days and as we topped each one up. Our respectful meeting became a ritual.

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very nice beginning


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wow..that was a very sexy post..hope you can come over to my blog farm for a lil party..[post 319220]

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m: Inspiration is only a beggining. You never know where it will take you nor end. Many begginings, fall flat or take you to dead ends. There is always hope though, that one will take you to your dream.

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Saddle: Thanks for the invite, be right there.

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