Cuddling can be satisfying.  

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3/27/2006 10:00 am
Cuddling can be satisfying.

Today has been a very Blah day. To brighten it up. I thought I might tell of my first encounter ever. It was early morning and I had just got home from delivering the morning paper. I had made some breakfast and was taking it with me while I wandered downstairs (basement) to my room flicked on the TV (Black and white in those days) and was watching Saturday morning cartoons. Nothing on but reruns. I finished breakfast, put the dishes on my nightstand and was considering going back to bed. I heard a whisper of a voice from outside my door, "may I come in". The voice was silky and shaky both at the same time. Sure I said come on in Shelly. Shelly was my moms boyfriends daughter. When my mom's boyfriend had the custody weekend of his kids from his first marriage, he would drop them off at our place.

Whispering, she said "Shh every one is still a sleep and I don't want to wake them."

"Okay", I whispered back, "what do you want"?
"Just thought I would come down and watch TV with you. I heard you moving around so I knew you wee awake".
"No problem", but there's nothing good on so I was going to go to bed."
"Can I stay anyways?"
The basement was a little cold so I pulled back the blankets for Shelly and I to crawl under them. As we were pulling them up to our chins, I felt Shelly snuggle up beside me. She was shivering. I put my arm out so she could get closer and we watched a bit of TV.
Out of the blue Shelly whispered, "Can we take our clothes off and be intimate?" I liked Shelly a lot and always treated her as my best friend, even though our family situation was horrid. You see my mom's boyfriend was still married and his wife came over once and beat my mom up pretty bad.
I replied to Shelly sure and proceeded to undress. She undressed as well. We both climbed back into the bed and drew the covers back up over us again. I felt Shelly's hand exploring my body. Her touch was soft and graceful. I closed my eyes to savor the moments. After a few minutes and returned the touching. I softly stroked her hair and turned my head so we could look at each other. She stared into my eyes. I suddenly felt very different. I had never been in bed with another girl before this and found the sensation of this togetherness extremely wonderful. Shelly then climbed up so she could straddle me. I looked up at her with and saw an new aura about her I had never seen before. She slowly wiggled herself lower and lower to the point were she was straddling my hips. She whispered, "I can't let you enter me since neither of us is protected." I felt her softness surround my shaft and then she started a rhythmic forward/backward motion over me. The sensation was wondrous. She then rolled of and lay on the bed motioning me to mount her. As I did, she reached down and positioned my shaft between her softness once again. This time she raised and lowered her hips. I found the motion very hypnotic and before long I was matching her rhythm. After what appeared to be forever, she grabbed me and held me as close to her as possible. She squeezed tighter and tighter. Suddenly she relaxed her grip and we laid together for some time. As we were getting dressed, we heard noises coming from upstairs.

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