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9/25/2005 3:58 pm

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foist post

so...first off, im married. An interesting platonic relationship centered around keeping my child happy. I never thought i would "stray" in any way once i was married, but I'm (unfortunately) a realist, and have to face the fact that I am in a sort of limbo...sigh

So, here I am, borderline(?) hypocrite i guess, ranting on an adult site, extending feelers to feel alive again.

I have slept with another woman...she was married as well, and it was nice to find comfort in the arms of someone in the same situation. Married-But-Not-To-Each-Other sex is very intense, both because of the mutual need and the fear/thrill of getting caught. Its also great to feel attractive to someone. This isnt simple gratuitous sex (well....), it is really based in the fact of feeling taken for granted, and its nice to be around people who can appreciate it when you do something nice to/for them.
Alright, I guess im a full blown hypocrite... I have become the kind of person i used to adulterer! Ah well.

whats this blog gonna be like? well, im really gonna stop whining (believe it!). Sometimes i'll talk about how it feels to have "contact" with others outside of my marriage, and other times i'll ramble aimlessly. Please chime in with your thoughts, as i think that they would be interesting.

freedom227 37F

9/25/2005 5:47 pm

I totally understand what your saying, I have only been married for four years and I fell like I’m stuck in this marriage, tell my three year old is in college. I can't hurt my kids their the only thing good in the marriage. I never thought that this is how my marriage would end up, with me so unhappy, and him unaware of the problem.I have never been with another man since we have been togather, but I have thought about it alot.

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