Erotic Story Part 3  

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7/13/2005 2:50 pm

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Erotic Story Part 3

Bill also placed me on the counter, he had both patty and I prop one leg on the counter and started to rub both of our clits. Patty had inserted her fingers into my wet pussy and I did the same to her. We both slid in and out of each other till we both had an orgasm. Bill decided that it was time to go upstairs and he was in the mood of playing with toys. He led both of us upstairs and had patty lay down on the bed. Then bill had me lay on top of patty the opposite direction so that we could lick and suck on each other. Bill came from behind me and slid his cock in my ass. The pleasure was immeasurably and so satisfying, that I came almost instantly. After that bill had us lay down clit to clit and he had gotten my beads out and preceded to slow enter one bead at a time alternating between the two of us. Once they were in bill had us spread our lips to further expose our swollen clits. He slowly massaged both of us. Occasionally squeezing our clits between his strong fingers and rubbing them back and forth. Both of us had an orgasm at the same time. Bill had us slowly sit up and face each other. Then he pulled on bead out at a time. We wrapped our legs around each other so the beads would not come out all the way and started to kiss each other. Bill then had us both stand in forgot of each other and spread our legs. Patty and I continued to kiss and play with each other. Bill pushed the beads back inside, then holding the middle he slowly pulled the beads out.

Bill had patty lean on the edge of the bed, I laid down on the bed and spread patty's legs further apart. Bill slid his cock into her wet pussy as I sucked don her clit. I wrapped my hands around her and inserted my finger into her ass. We worked her into 3 orgasms. Patty turned me around on the bed. Bill and I had head and foot boards that were perfect for sex. Patty tied me legs up on the foot board and bill had gotten on top of me and put his cock in my mouth. He took one of my dildo's and placed it deep into my pussy. Patty took the other one and slid it in my as. They turned them both on and in perfect rhythm continued to ram both deep inside and pull out. Patty had also started to rub my clit. The feeling that both holes and my mouth were being filled all at the same time and same thickness was overwhelming. Bill starting to stiffen further and I could feel his head starting to swell. I knew that he was about ready to come. I fastened my pace and he blew his load down my throat. At this time both bill and patty quickened and hardened there pace. I gave out a pleasurable cry as I had a shuttering organism. Patty wanted me one last time. She climbed on top and spread my lips and began to suck my clit. I inserted one finger into her ass while with the other hand I inserted 3 fingers into her pussy. Slowly with each pull out I inserted another till I had my entire hand in her pussy. I kept pumping in and out as she sucked on me. She gave a pleasurable moan as her cum started to run down my arm. In turn she sucked out my cum and ended with a tiny nibble. We laid there for a little while and talked about how we needed to do this again. We thought that maybe next time we would have patty's husband join us.

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