Erotic Story Part 2  

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7/7/2005 5:44 pm

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Erotic Story Part 2

Patty gave a pleasurable moan. I slid under her and had her bring her hips down towards my face. I turned the dildo on and proceded to slide it in and out as i sucked on her clit. Her moaning grew louder and louder. By this time my husband, Bill had come home from work. He heard the moaning and thought i was upstairs having fun with my toys. Bill came up the stairs and started to realize that the moan he heard was not mine. He got to the top of the stairs and was really curious on what was going on. Bill knew that i was bi but i never had a nother girl in the ouse since we were married. We had always talked about it but never put in into action. He pressed his ear up on the door to try and listen a little better. Now he heard two different moans, bill walked over to the window in the hall to see whose car was parked outside the house. He noticed it was patty's. He started to get aroused thinking that i finally found someone for the two of us. He came back to the door to listen in some more, no wanting to go in but waited no knowing how anyone would react. Inside i had gotten a dildo for myself, i was using one hadn for patty and the other for myself. I continued to enjoy the sweetness of patty's orgasms. Bill had noticed that the moaning had died down and he still wanted to come in but didn't know what to do. I sat up in bed and noticed the time and told patty that bill would be home soon. I needed to get started on dinner. I asked patty if she would like to stay since her husband wasn't going to be home for another week. Patty agreeed and we both got dressed. We went downstairs to find bill in the the study, patty went to the kitchen to call her husband, and let him know were she was so he didn't worry. I gave bill a kiss and he followed me out to the kitchen. He stood in the doorway smiling. Both patty and i looked at him and asked him what he was smiling about. He proceded to tell us taht when he came home he heard the moaning and thought it was me. He had come to the door and found that it was actually patty. Patty had turned beat red. Bill explained that this is something that we were both looking for, a third person to spice up our love life a little more. We talked about it over dinner and wine. We didn't want patty to feel uncomfortable. Patty didn't seem that she was uncomfortable at all and really wanted to do it. After the three of us cleaned up bill had taken me into his strong arms and kissed me, he whispered in my ear if it was ok if he could get patty aroused first. I nodded with approval. Bill came up behind Patty and put his hands around her waist. He Gently moved her hair from her neck and started to lightly blow and kiss her neck. Patty's eyes were starting to roll back in enjoyment. I came in front and started to unbutton her blouse, bill slid one hand down to her breasts wihile i unhooked her bra and strted to nibble on the other one. I could tell thats what all three of us wanted all along. I unbuttoned patty's pants and slid my hand down to feel how wet she was. Patty had her orgaism. I removed patty's pants and panties and had bill place her on the conunter. I took patty's hand and brought it to her pussy. I asked her to rub her clit while bill and i had a little fourplay ourselves. Bill took off my shirt and bra, he placed his hands on my breasts and started to rub. I unbuttoned and took off his pants and boxers. I placed his large thick, hard cock in my hand and started to rub. Bill brought his head down and started to suck on my breast. He then removed my pants and panties.

Part 3 to follow

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