6. Lee Ann  

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3/31/2005 8:59 pm

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6. Lee Ann

What can i say about her, well, for the first girl i had been with who had normal B size breasts, her nipples were the longest, hardest things i ever saw. 5'7" 110 34B, shoulder length hair, tight, tight rear from athletics. She was a virgin(18 and still a virgin), so needless to say i spent about two months with the largest Blue Balls you could imagine. In fact, the actual sex almost didn't happen thanks to her Mom. You see, while i could not get her to have sex right away but i did convince her to let me go down on her. Now how i went about that remains a mystery even to me, i mean i believed that to be more personal to a woman then sex, but....anyway, i was over her house one day and we started kissing a bit which led to heavy petting which led to me sliding down to kiss her tight tummy and slide her pants off to get at her kitty, about 5 minutes into it her Mom comes walking into the room, no knock, no anything and freaked out. I was embarrased as hell but not as embarrassed than when her step father, all 6'4" 225lbs grabbed me by my waist and picked me up to toss me out of the house. My car keys still inside, i was unsure exactly what to do. I sat on the curb, and after about 20 minutes he came out threw them at me and told me never to come over again. She would not be seeing me. We spoke on the phone that night, she was forbidden to see me, but later that week we met at my house and fucked like rabbits i guess to spite her parents, that went on for a few weeks until her Dad realized we weren't screwing that day, i was only going down on her cause we wanted her to remain a virgin, that went far in his book, and she is also one of the woman part of my 4 girls in 18 hours record. Anyway, you will hear of her again.
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4/7/2005 7:39 pm

you are a sex hound but I enjoy reading your stories.... AH the young years how those days were so busy......Ah the memories..

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