How to: Squirt, Gush, Ughhhhh  

rm_steve_b_here 49M
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1/22/2006 6:28 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

How to: Squirt, Gush, Ughhhhh

This is pretty aseptic and sounds like a korean instruction manual but haha Check it out. This is something that every man should experience!

I would love to hear opinions on this. What I do is: >>!

After a nice pussylicking session, Which I love to do... She is feeling nice and ready, not to much direct clit action, try moving your tounge around it in slow circles and alternate with the sides of the clit Taste it, From bottom to clit.. She will appreciate the love.. Take your time and find the right energy, she will let you know, and when she does, Stick with it for a bit.... If you want to help her along to an orgasm just lay your fingers across her labia and or around the opening and feel how wet she is, do it for a while and then nicely work two fingers all the way in easy,, Ok... now no big in and out stuff here.. Just wiggle them back and forth slowly touching the cervix with the tips and push gently in when she is showing her appreciation. keep wiggling those fingers nice and slow steady, She is going to come hard after this build up.. After you make her cum with your oral favor... She is really ready for more.....

Get up there man! And slide your dick nicely all the way in and she will probably appreciate that too, SMILE Then after you get a few long strokes in, You are going to work up your speed gradually but not deep strokes... Short and fast within the first 2-3inches of her opening almost out on the back stroke, but not all the way When you are doing this come at her from lower, drop your pelvis down a bit and fuck the hell out of that opening with your thrusts coming up towards her belly button but remember Shallow! leaving out the depth makes you give her faster friction and you are banging the gspot, Dont hurt her, This may take practice, She is going to explode all over you sometimes in a huge gush sometimes in a squirt... Get her comfortable with it and she can get on top of you and soak your balls anytime you like... I hope this helps.. be carefull you might get some on you.. hahaha...I love it. I am pretty sure most women can do this.

Starlanherelokn 57F
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10/23/2006 12:25 pm

YOU know something Steve..Thanks so much because I was just talking to my Steve in Seattle i met four years ago and he told me about the gushing and squirting..I really hav'nt had that with a man before..or rather he never took me to that level but I have alone ..such as five minutes ago...ty...

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