Answer: Why it is important to File For Divorce.  

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1/22/2006 10:03 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Answer: Why it is important to File For Divorce.

I feel it is important for my prospective Nubile Nymphs to at least be in the filing process to be considered for anything beyond an encounter or friendship.

Here I say, Is the reason: >>!

When you are going thru a separation, there are alot of unresolved issues, A sense of ownership of shared property and each other, Control using passive aggresive and downright mean methods to get your way and manipulate each other, this is because some people show anger when it is really fear and they dont understand what is happening and where they stand. When you get to the point of filing. You have a guideline set that can still be broken but there are rules that will fall into place. At that point you realize that it is time to think about you. Time to make peace and take care of business. And for you. Ex Housemom. Business is going to be a huge change and well Well see what else...

When people go thru this they suffer from depression and do not see clearly. The rebound is inevitable. Not that this is bad. We need it. It is a confidence builder to be with someone you are attracted to who can be a voice of reason. Even a pain reliever. He is probably desperate to have that right now.. It is much harder to be the one standing there holding the bag than the one who says I dont love you anymore. It is just that way because of the rejection and sense of failure. It causes irrational responses that when looked back on seem very embarrassing. Everyone should have a friend and a lover. That is my belief. But above all else honesty is the most important thing... Be honest with yourself and those you get involved in your life. The kids are always the losers. Unless you can manage to make two happy homes eventually. Hopefully dad will stay in the picture as a father. And you as a mom.

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10/23/2006 12:40 pm

I have gone through divorce and it's not a pretty site..I have this bf I've talked to for over four years now..He is going through pretty much what you talked about but...few years ago he got a chick on the sidefor I was'nt there to meet his needs yet. Now she is more of a pain in the ass than his own wife he wants to divorce..He feels so bad for her and yet at the same time he did tell her it was only casual sex..Me being in love with this man for over four years now..btw we talk on the phone so much he went and got a second phone so it would be free minutes hehe..anyways..I totally understand why he did get someone on the side but now that I'm moving up there she doesnt want to let him go...He told her it was just sex..she has to raise her grand daughter for gawd sakes and both of us are through with raising kids..Bolez..or is it Bulez..well thats where we are going first and I am not forcing him to sell his house so he can get rid of his wife..I dont mind at all being the second wife..They really dont have much of a problem with loving each other its just the sex part..They tried swingers clubs..didnt work..she just said go get a gf...just so happens I met him on the net and I've finally fallen in love with him after he came after me for over 4 years..who knows least I would have a gf..his wife hang out with when Im up there...bottom line...casual sex is what it is...especially if theres no attraction to a woman who is huge..Im not knocking huge..I was once huge..but I got up and got it off ..ook nice chattin cutie

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