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4/21/2006 11:49 pm

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Opinions vary, as do attitudes and perspectives on the topic of clandestine extramarrital fulfillment. If two people have determined openly an imbalance in sexual curiosity, and swing is not acceptable; Can a single purposeful encounter quench this thirst to experience differnt things? If this tree falls in the forest, just once and only once, and no one ever hears it realistic to think that one such indulgence could satisfy such a curiosity? If so, and if it helps to preserve the union, is this pursuit then worthwhile?
Sure but cheating is matter the reason or result
What one doesn't know won't hurt them, go for it!
Once won't do it..curiosity will grow into need
Carpe Diem, look out for #1.......try not to step in #2
Just F yourself, imaging whatever you want.......then go to sleep
Keep trying, as long as it takes, to reach a balance
Suck it is full of disappointment, grin and bear it
The thirst cannot be ignored, and will not fade over time
Happiness, however achieved, is the only means to preserve a marriage
The end doesn't justify the means simply because you may get away with it

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4/30/2006 7:48 am

hi i just took your poll, and my answer was curiosity will grow into need, ive been there!!!!!! but the real reason im writing is you left a comment on one of my blogs, (suicide) thanks for that, it made me feel

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