Exit the hectic world,enter paradise....  

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1/17/2006 4:34 pm

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Exit the hectic world,enter paradise....

just recently, i met a woman on-line from Smolensk, Russia. she contacted via internet. a nice surprise, though at first i thought it was a joke. but i replied anyhow not really thinking that i would recieve a response. couple of days later i did!!..cool i thought. we wrote back just about every day and her intention was to someday soon come over to visit. i also thought that would be great. she sent me pictures of herself and her work, friends, etc.etc...and i sent her some as well..we talked about everything..life, work, future plans..etc.etc..and what she would have to do in order to come visit..besides the usual paperwork..visa, passport..it would also take a small amount of money for tickets.(airline)to make a long story short..in the back of my mind i thought, and kept saying to myself, that be careful..how do i even know i am even writing to a woman??...even though she called me..(could have been some guys girlfriend for all i knew)trust my instintcs i told myself...well just recently she went to Moscow and applied for her visa and passport...and wrote me e-mail to say she would be visiting jan.30th!!...i wrote her back and said," hold on"..i really did'nt expect her to be here that soon...she also told me she needed $872.00 for tickets..and i said that i could'nt afford to send that much at this time...and i also did not really know her that well to be sending that much money...well my hunch turned out to be right..GET THIS!!! i was at work and explaining to my boss that my friend from Russia was coming over to visit soon..he asked me about her and i told him a little...later on when we were'nt as busy he again asked me about her..he also told me about a friend of his who met a girl from Russia..and how after about a month of e-mail..she wanted to come over, get married, have children etc.etc...we talked and i told him the girls name..he told me the girls name was the same as the girl i was talking to...same city...same job..NO WAY!!...so after work i called his friend..this guy described this girl exactly..without even telling him any of the pictures she sent me..he described the same pictures she sent him!! same girl!!..WHAT THE FUCK!!...this was the same girl/woman. who quit e-mailing him after he said he could not send money, but, he would help out once she got here that stopped writing to me once i told her the same thing....bottom line...be careful..this was a set-up..probably some guys using pictures of their wives/girlfriends/sisters/etc.etc...to lure guys into sending money...i was lucky, because i was close to sending some..but my higher power saved me...so i live one day at a time and learn...sometimes slowly..sometimes quickly...........

rm_fungirlvegas 56F

2/6/2006 8:44 pm

I have been thru the same thing with guys. I have been sent a very nice picture, talking to him and right away said he loved me. How can you love someone you dont even know? He talked to me all the time, then asked me for $1000.00 dollars because he wasnt making enough money in Africa. he was supposedly from Florida, but is working in Africa, and he needed money. anyway, as soon as i told him, i cant, and would never send a man money, he stopped talking to me also. But, i still get messages from guys, that are supposedly from the U.S. and they are working in Africa, and cant even spell, do they think we are dumb americans!

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