A beautiful evening/morning...  

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8/2/2005 7:04 pm

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12/4/2008 5:05 am

A beautiful evening/morning...

last night i took a drive to see xeucodx2619 and boy oh boy did i not know what i was in for. 1/2 dressed, i arrived around midnight. he showed me around his place and told me to have a seat, he'd be right back. when he was ready, he escorted me upstairs and to my amazement he had candles lit all over his bedroom. this was a nice touch considering this was one of the things that i said i liked in a one of our phone conversations. my fellow gents, it means so much when a young lady says something in passing and not only do you remember what she said, but you act on it to please her. so immediately i was ready to getitdown (i like this couple and hopefully i'll have the opportunity to meet them soon). after unrobing, we began kissing, *whew* it's nothing like a man that knows how to kiss. his lips were so soft, nice flexible tongue, etc. from our previous conversations and my inviting pic, he said when he saw me that he just wanted to taste me and did he ever. he found that spot and never left it. after a while, he came up, kissed every inch of my body as i waited with anticipation. for someone with such a small frame, i would've never thought he was packing the way he was. that turns me on more than anything, a completely well-endowed man, where he's so big i can't get all of him in my mouth. we both couldn't get enough of each other. after about an hour, we took a nap. but as the night progressed, i was awakened every other hour with him kissing, licking, sucking, and giving it to me real good until about 7a this morning. i had a good time and am looking forward to seeing him again and again and again...

wantsmor99 74M

8/5/2005 5:16 am

Thanks stayswet for all the comments concerning making love. I agree with you about mistreating titties. Sometimes I've had a guy who thinks he should try to get milk out of my titties. Just like you I like my titties treated with respect and just licked and sucked on tenderly. As far as the kissing goes, I'm not a person especially into kissing so much, but a little of it goes a long way if done right. I hope my two cents helps this blog. lol

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