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8/31/2005 6:13 am

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i was wondering

About the paradox of sex. We need it. We require it. We cant live as individuals without it and our species wont survive without it. Nature has ensured that our intellectual development will not place any hurdles in sex by placing it above and beyond our intellect. Simple example, How many guys, guaranteed anonymity, will not go after the first female we would find , who is ready and willing.

Inspite of all this going on, we try to hide our sexual drive, we come up with theories of sublimnation (courtesy Freud), we ban all public display of adult content.

What are we trying to achieve by perpetuating this paradox ? Desmond Morris, while describing a lady who has put on a bra and used a perfume, says she is actually hiding her biological markers and again replacing them with artificial markers. He says that there is a paradox when, she is, by her actions, broadcasting a message that she is not available but nevertheless is very sexy. Our Societal patterns, east or west, are going on the same lines.

Why do we find it so diffcult to simply say : I am horny and want to get laid. Please come back with all this baggage later.

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