I was wondering ?  

rm_startup1962 52M
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8/29/2005 10:50 pm

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4/24/2008 4:48 am

I was wondering ?

What am I doing here ? Frankly I do not know. I started off with this idea that all I would have to do was put my name up in the site and proposaLS WOULD COME ROLLING IN. Obviously that is not how the system works.

If anybody has any ideas i am open to them. Despite the brave words , I am a normal person who is not out for kinky sex. I am a regular guy trying to see if there is anything I am missing in life.

One of the main reasons I joined up here was to meet people. I meet people otherwise also. what excited me was meeting people in a situation where nothing is off limits. When you are meeting with people where both sides are willing to get into bed with each other( Or at the very least knowing that the intention of the meeting is that) there would be very few inhibitions. An interaction in such a situation is a different "meeting" from others.

emmajanetx 29F

8/30/2005 12:27 am

Check the numbers of men seeking females and the number of females seeking males. The only advice I can offer is...just to write a message of at least a paragraph explaining what there was in a girls profile that interests you. Skip the bull-shit bragging about how many orgasms you can offer too.

rm_8super 37M
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8/30/2005 2:19 am

i agree but there totallyt no luck so far ... i getting tired always locking in but no rewards

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