The kiss, too little attention to kissing.  

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3/19/2006 9:34 pm

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The kiss, too little attention to kissing.

The first thing that catches my eye in a lady is, well, her eyes. So much the eyes tell about someone, how alive they are, how flirtacious. But the first erotic detail I pay attention to is her mouth. Ah, not what she says, but the softness of her lips, her mouth. Have you ever placed your finger gently upon her lips. Are they soft to the touch, does she kiss your finger, does she take you finger into her mouth... I love to feel the softness of her lips. Then to kiss her. I love to start slowly, no more than lips brushing against lips. Then feeling the softness of her lips against mine. Run my tongue along the underside of her upper lip. Kissing first the upper lip, then taking the lip into my mouth and gently sucking. Kissing again, now gently sucking her lower lip. Nothing so erotic as the kiss, slowly inserting a tongue into her mouth for that first electric touch of tongue to tongue. Focus all on that feeling of tongue to tongue. As the chest heaves, as the breathing gets deeper and deeper, the tongues clash, swirling over and under until the hands begin to explore and build the excitement.

It starts with a kiss.

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