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4/22/2006 11:56 pm

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Favorite Movies - Zebra Lounge

THis is originally an older post, but it was on again last night. The movie is not my favorite, turns very disturbing. But the early sex scenes are more provocative, sexier than any XXX movie made.

The movie itself gets creepy, hope no one on AdultFriendFinder ever meets a stalker like the couple led by Stephen Baldwin. But in Zebra Lounge, when the couples first swap, when Stephen Baldwin takes Brandy Ledford, dressed in that slinky, midriff revealing two piece outfit, you can almost feel her yourself. She faces the ceiling to wall window, turns her back to him as her husband, on a lower level where she catches his eye, she sees her husband begin to penetrate Kristy Swanson. As the husband is making love to Kristy Swanson (also very erotic), Stephen Baldwin gentlye removes each garment of Brandy's clothing as she leans back onto him. You see her begin to display her wonderful body. All the while the video is flashing snippets of scenes, cutting from one couple to the other. Each view reveals more removed clothing and ultimately the sex as it progresses. The sexiest to me. Another day, the blackness slips into the relationship, but nonetheless the way Brandy is seduced by Kristy in the pool is equally erotic.

I love the nude body, but it is not as sexy as the act of becoming nude. Just showing penetration is not as sexy as the seduction. OK, a good oral sex scene is pretty provocative. But you know the thrill is in the seduction.

Tell me what the most seductive movie and scene you have seen?

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