Well whaddaya know  

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11/22/2005 9:50 pm

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Well whaddaya know

I've made some friends. One of them I don't get to talk to much, but she's a very nice lady and pretty cool. The other I just met while sitting in said chat room that I complained nobody talked to me. I found that the trick was to keep yakking until somebody said something, by the time they scroll down to see what you were yabbering about you've gotten their attention. Anyway I just sat there going "hi there ___" to as many people as I could and just started chatting them up. That's how I got to meet this one other lady. She seems nice enough. I've suggested we meet for coffee or drinks (and nothing else). We both admitted we had something in mind but I think that both of us not aggressively pursuing it made things easier for the both of us. At the same time even if it didn't wind up in bed (or wherever) my main goal is to wind up with a friend.

And if something did happen - well I'm not doing this blog to talk about sexual exploits. That's not me anyway.

Here's to good friends.

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