My Mistress rocks my world  

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My Mistress rocks my world

As soon as I entered the room I knew I was in for a night of fantasy & submission. The room was lit with candles and my Mistress was sitting on an easy chair on the opposite side of the room. She was dressed in a black leather bustier that pushed up her breasts, showing lots of cleavage and leaving her nipples exposed. It was clinched tight around the waist and cut high on the thighs to show off her legs and ass. She was holding a short riding crop with a leather slapper on the end and on the floor in front of her was laid out an assortment of straps, leather implements, vibrators, dildos and other sex toys.

As my initial shock wore off and turned to anticipation, she immediately took control and ordered me to strip. I took off my clothes as she had ordered, laid them aside and stood naked in the middle of the room. My cock was already beginning to harden with excitement. She pointed to a cock ring lying on the floor in front of her and ordered me to put it on.

I had only taken a single step towards her when she said: “Why are you still standing? Have you forgotten how to approach your mistress? That little mistake will cost you”.

I immediately dropped to my hands and knees, both dreading and anticipating the punishment for my memory lapse. I knelt in front of her and buckled the leather ring around the base of my now hard cock and balls. She leaned forward to give me a few light slaps on the back and butt with the riding crop and to keep a close watch on what I was doing.

When I finished she said, “Stand up so I can get a better look”.

I stood directly in front of her and she reached out to give my cock a few tugs, then repeated the process with my balls. I gasped at her touch but managed to keep still. She said, “Oh, you like it when I touch your cock do you? Well, you’re going to have to earn it before I let you get off tonight. Now, as for your punishment for forgetting to approach me properly, you’ll be required to wear a nice butt plug while you entertain me. Why don’t you pick one out and show me how you put it in”.

I chose a medium size plug from the selection on the floor and started to spread some lubricant on it when she said, “that’s not big enough, use the black one”. All I could manage to say was “yes Mistress” as I picked up the larger plug and lubed it up. Before I could insert it, she ordered me to lay down on my back in front of her and spread my legs wide so she could watch me penetrate myself. Then she leaned back in the chair and watched as I lay down, spread my legs and worked the plug into my ass. She didn’t have me do this very often so I had to work it in gradually and was moving it and out, starting to enjoy the feeling of penetration when she said “I didn’t tell you to fuck yourself with it, just get it in”. I shoved the plug all the way in, groaning as it filled my up completely.

“Good boy” she said, “Now, put on those wrist and ankle cuffs and be quick about it”. I took the leather wrist cuffs that were lying on the floor and fastened them around my wrists, followed by the ankle cuffs. I then assumed a kneeling position in front of her with both hands at my sides. She stood up, walked behind me and hooked the ankle cuffs together with a short connector. She stood behind me to admire the view and again slapped my back and butt a few times with the riding crop. Returning to her chair, she ordered me to hold my hands out and, using another short connector, snapped the wrist cuffs together. Next, she picked out a leather collar with a D ring attached and fastened it around my neck. Finally, she took a strap with snaps on each end and fixed one end to the D ring in the collar and the other to a D ring in the cock ring. This way, my cock & balls got a pull every time a made any upper body movements. By now, my cock was rock hard.

I was now on my knees in front of her, bound and ready for her command. She sat down and leaned back to admire her handiwork. After a moment, she held out her foot and ordered me to kiss it. I shuffled closer and began to lightly kiss her feet. Alternating between her two feet, I gradually progressed from kissing to licking to sucking. She occasionally commented on what I was doing and gave a tug on the on the strap connecting my cock to the collar. She pulled it harder to guide my head further up her legs and I could smell the scent of her pussy. Although it was still covered by her leather bustier, I tried to work my tongue in from the sides. For this effort I was rewarded with a sharp slap on the backside and she said “You naughty slave. Did I tell you to touch my pussy? Lay down on your back”. I lay down with some difficulty and she unfastened the connectors between my wrists and ankles, then reconnected them so that my right wrist was joined to my right ankle and left wrist to left ankle. In this position I was forced to draw my knees up and spread my legs.

She knelt down beside me and gave the cock ring a few tugs, saying, “You should know that your only job is to please me ‒ and you’d better be good at it”. She unbuckled her bustier, exposing her pussy and stood over me with her legs on either side, giving me an unobstructed view of her pussy. Her lips were swollen and I could see moisture forming so I could tell she was as turned on as I was. She slowly lowered herself down until her pussy was just a few inches from my mouth. “Lick Me,” she ordered as she brought her pussy directly down to my mouth. I began to lick up and down her pussy lips as she moved her hips to guide my tongue. She gave me instructions on exactly how to please her, saying “that’s it, lick my pussy. Now stick your tongue inside ‒ deeper ‒ yeah baby, now lick my clit…suck it into your mouth.” I could feel her climax building as I sucked and licked when she suddenly pulled away and said, “I want you to do something special for me tonight. Are you willing?” “Yes Mistress” was the only reply I could muster.

She turned around and again stood over me with a leg on either side. As she lowered herself back down to my mouth, she grabbed my cock and ordered me to eat her ass. I began to do as she asked, licking around her tiny asshole till I had it well lubricated, and then thrusting my tongue inside as far as I could. She started to moan with pleasure, encouraging my by saying, “that’s it, you love to eat my ass don’t you big boy…stick your tongue in my ass as far as you can…keep that up and I may just cum in your mouth…would you like that?” I managed to groan out a “yes maam” when she slid back and placed her clit directly onto my mouth. I started sucking and licking as hard as I could, feeling her orgasm build. When she came, she cried out and sat down hard on my mouth while she rocked her hips back & forth. I had no choice but to lick and swallow the juices gushing from her pussy as she came.

After her orgasm subsided, she raised herself off me and sat down in the chair again. Her face was flush and her nipples were hard from the orgasm, and she seemed pleased with my efforts. I was still lying on my back, wrists and ankles bound, with an enormous hard on. She contemplated my helpless position as she recovered and her breathing returned to normal. Again she asked “I want you to do something else special for me. Are you willing?” And again I could only reply “Yes Mistress”.

“Good” she said, “but first, a little punishment for your earlier forgetfulness”. With that, she reached down and grabbed two clothespins. She leaned forward and clamped them onto my nipples, causing me to groan with pain/pleasure. She then unhooked my wrists and ankles and allowed me to stretch my legs a bit.

She picked up a rather large, very realistic double-headed dildo from the assortment of toys and held it up for me to see. “You’re going to put on a show for me” she said. “You’re always asking me for blow jobs and constantly trying to get your cock in my ass, well now you’re going to get a taste of what it’s like. You’re going to suck off this fake cock and then I’m going to fuck you with it.” The thought of that large cock up my ass was a bit scary but refusing her request was out of the question so I only answered “yes Maam”. “Excellent” she replied, “now get on your hands and knees and show me what a good little cock sucker you are”.

She inserted one end of the dildo into her pussy and I leaned forward to suck the other end. It was so large that I could barely get past the head, but gradually I got it lubed up and was able to really get start sucking in earnest. As I bobbed up and down on the fake cock, the other end was moving in and out of Mistress’s pussy and she began to moan ‒ which only made me work that much harder. She began to encourage me, saying “yeah boy, suck that cock..really take it deep…feels like the real thing doesn’t it…if you’re good, maybe I’ll find you a real cock to play with…”

I was giving it the best blowjob I could manage when she order me to stop and turn around. “Put your head down and your ass in the air” she ordered. I felt her remove the butt plug and she began to lube up my ass, working in first 1, then 2 and finally 3 fingers, gently sliding them back & forth. I tried to remain relaxed and loose for what I knew was coming. I gasped as the head of the dildo penetrated my ass, feeling myself open up for the large cock. The feeling of penetration and humiliation were incredible as she began to fuck me. She was coaching me along, saying “how does it feel with that big cock up your ass…it feels great in my pussy…I’m really getting wet watching you take this cock like a big boy…guess I’ll have to work on your ass more often since you seem to like it. Maybe I’ll bring home another man and make you suck him then let him fuck you in the ass. Perhaps a guy a huge cock, then we can both enjoy him”. She was really getting worked up and pounding me with that cock, giving her pussy a work out at the same time.

Suddenly, she pulled her pussy away, leaving that fat cock dangling from my ass and laid down on the floor in front of me. “Fuck me,” she said, “Fuck me now and do it hard”. I immediately positioned myself over her and drove my cock into her pussy as hard as I could. She was so wet that I went all the way up to my balls in the first stroke. She reached around behind me, grabbed the dildo and began shoving it into my ass with each thrust. After just a few thrusts, she began to cum, yelling and thrashing with her orgasm. The combination of her cum, her tight pussy and that fat cock in my ass sent me over the edge and I exploded inside her, shooting my cum and grunting with each spurt.

As our orgasms subsided, I collapsed on the floor beside her. We were completely spent and as we cuddled up in recovery, she whispered, “Can’t wait until next time. I’ve got a few more ideas I want to try….”

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