I'm Rich, Hung like a Horse, Multi-Orgasmic, and my tongue is 10 inches long....  

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10/28/2005 11:21 am

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I'm Rich, Hung like a Horse, Multi-Orgasmic, and my tongue is 10 inches long....

So I figure that if the president of the good ol US of A can indulge in a little False Advertising, (ie..reasons for sending this country into war and killing massive numbers of people) and get away with it, so can I.

So anyway, now that I've falsely sucked you into my blog, you might as well hang out for a sec and see what I have to say right? no, no, don't go....ok, I'm sorry I told a wee little lie, please don't go away mad. (see George, its not that hard to ask for forgiveness.)

(Thus ends the political rant from the author of this here blog, he promises to keep his political anger and disgust hidden for the rest of this journey.)


I want it....

I want it from a beautiful lusty woman that lives close and doesn't mind that I have to keep our relationship hidden.

I'll make it worth her while....really! Smoother her with sweet kisses, be ruff, gentle, hard, soft, dominate or submissive, bring gifts over that show my appreciation for her kindness and beauty, stimulate her mind as well as her pleasure zones, help her explore and open up her sexuality....hell, I'd even pay her if she really rocks!

I just want someone to worship my cockness and let me worship her clitness....

I know she's out there.


Its very frustrating here, being with someone that does not meet such a basic need. But that's the subject of another message.

I was chatting with a friend of mine online last night and told her what I was looking for. And her response was "ya, you dreamer, like that is ever going to happen!"

But,,,,pauses...I'm just the hopeless optimist.

I keep searching, keep smiling at women I meet. Keep flirting with the girls at the gym, grocery store, library. Keep working my body, trying to make myself more attractive.

Keep searching for that one friend/lover/playmate that will fill my need.

Maybe I should stand at the corner with a cardboard sign like one of the homeless people you see sometimes. Except mine would say "Good luvn needed, Bless you, and God bless America"

I'm such a whinier on here, but its good to put it down, thanks for reading and give me your thoughts and two bits.

And lets go snowboarding! I can't wait for the snow and the freedom that brings....

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