Alien Abduction  

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10/5/2005 7:31 am

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Alien Abduction

Well, I feel that I must explain my long hiatus from here. You see, its not my fault.....

I was abducted by aliens.

I live in Washington state, the home of the first UFO (reported anyway) sighting over Mt. Raineer and I believe one of the most active UFO areas in the world. check it out...

ufo site deleted by AdultFriendFinder sigh

ufo site deleted by AdultFriendFinder sigh

My mom swears that she saw one hovering about the giant fir trees on Whidbey Island back in the late 60's, but when my uncles ran out with their shot guns to see what had scared her so much, nothing except a very strange silence throughout the forest.

Anyway...yep, I've been gone because I was recently abducted....It's all a blur to me....I only have bits and pieces of memory about this strange experience... of being strapped down on my back or on my stomach with my ass in the air....being probed and examined. You might find this hard to believe, but I didn't want them to let me go.

You see, these aliens were very interesting. For one, they all looked female....they were small hairless creatures with basic human proportions, except they had four small breasts with long erect nipples, and very large mouths. They also had seven fingers with the middle one being thick and about 8 inches long and that secreted a very slippery substance! yikes you say!! They did not have clothes from what I remember and no reproductive organs that I could see. But the mouth was the interesting thing, the thing that caught my attention you might say...

These alien mouths seemed to be their main sensory organ, the thing that they sampled their surroundings with. These mouths were large with large lips, very deep, and inside were several tongue like things that would swirl around and taste things inside with...the aliens would constantly suck in samples with a strong rhythmic suction and process whatever they found..... anyway

I don't remember much....only a feeling of amusement from these aliens because it seemed every time they would probe me with their probe finger, they would get large amounts of organic samples from me into their mouths. And for some reason, they would do this over and over again! They would give me no rest, I don't know if I tasted good or was just amusing, but damn, those tongue like things sure did tickle!

I hope I didn't betray any human genetic secrets to these strange beings but I have to tell you, once I figured out that they were finally going to release me back to my home, I fought tooth and nail to stay with them, begged to be strapped back onto that table...and its really only because I feel I was promoting good human/alien relations......sigh........

My last memory is several of them laughing at me as they pushed my drained self out, maybe because I screamed "NOOOOOO" as they left. I don't know.......

and so, here I am. a close call but I'm back. I now understand why so many abductees have that strange dazed look to them.....that nervous look when they look up to the stars....

Any alien abduction stories out there in blog land? Anyone know a phone number I can contact them with? (not you silly, the alien's number)

SweetDarlinAngel 39F
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10/7/2005 10:40 am

It wasn't aliens sweetie... it was realy me and few friends. We has to dress up for fear of being recognized by your wife. We don't want to get into trouble later for your indiscretions. We thought "Aliens" would be a good cover. You acted as though you enjoyed our little ruse quite a lot, but as you know at some point we would have to go home. By the way, you tasted fanastic, I took many samples of you home for later tasting... YUMMY! I meant to respond but wanted to be certain that others would not see the response, I must keep my cover secret so as not let too many know what the truth is, you understand don't you sweetie? Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know that I will be back to abduct you again ver y soon. So next time you think you see a UFO hoover close, run to me, I will be waiting!


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