Fear and loathing on AFF  

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7/27/2005 5:26 pm

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Fear and loathing on AFF

So at the end of three weeks I have contacted approximately 350 women who met my criteria. Of these 31 joined my network. Of these four communicated with me. None were interested in meeting.

I can only imagine that what is actually going on here is fear mixed with sexual desire. And fear is winning.

What are you afraid of? HIV? Horseshit. If after 20 years one thing isn't certain, that straight people, bisexual, and lesbian women, who are not IV drug users or involved with IV drug users, or former prison inmates, don't get HIV, condoms or not. And if you are afraid of HIV use a condom and stop worrying. Sure you can name two or three or even five cases you heard about in a magazine. But the truth is your odds of winning the MegaLotto are better than your chances of getting HIV. For straight folks, bi and lesbian women, every time you get in your car to go to the movies your chances of being killed are *vastly* greater than your chances of getting HIV through sex. And I'd much rather have sex than watch a movie. Very few movies can match up to the thrill or the orgasmic finish. Seen any disappointing movies lately? Who hasn't. Had any disappointing orgasms lately? If the answer to that one is yes, see your doctor.

At night, around 2:00am PST there are typically 60 to 160 thousand people chatting. The chats are pointless. No one ever meets anyone. Dozens of guys for every woman, and a few couples (usually also looking for women) attempt to chat with one or two of perhaps 80 to 120 people. With everyone chatting simultaneously the scroll speed and clutter make in nearly impossible to ask so much as a simple question let alone have a conversation. And no one ever goes private. Now I going to here from someone who says "I go private all the time."
Me: "With whom?"
Person: "With other really cute people, from my county, who I've seen on here for at least six months, and who've never said an unkind word to anyone"
Me: "What you only chat with local Catholic priests?"

Last week I watched as over 400 people watched a couple having sex. Several women with web cams were among those watching this couple having sex. Each woman had people watching her watching people have sex. One woman, who was apparently doing nothing other than staring at her monitor at this couple had over 200 people watching her. Just looking at her face as she stared at the monitor.

This is really, really sad. There are 14+million people *active* on this site and not more that 700,000 people are actually having sex in their lives. The other 13.5 million people, most of them attractive, physically healthy adults, use this as a giant amature pornography site. Something to masterbate to. What ever happened to real sex?

You know real sex? That thing where you take off your clothes with one or more other people in the same place. Where you feel their skin and they feel yours. Where you kiss, lick, suck, fuck, talk and eat food. Where you can look in someone's eyes and they into yours and you can *see* each other? When did that cease to be a really big and important part of people's lives? *Everyone* here says they want it in some form or another. And *everyone* here has a reason why they can't actually meet someone. They don't have the time. They can't tell if the chemistry is right. It's too far to travel. They've been on here two years and haven't found the right person yet. No one reads their profile, God damn it! I don't love him/her. His dick is too small, her pussy's too big.

You know what I remember about sex those long years ago when I had it? I remember that people got horny, they found a person, maybe someone they met at a friend's house, or a party, or a bar, or work, or class, or in line at the grocery store, who they had at least a *tiny* bit of attraction to, not much, just enough to know they weren't repulsed by the person, and they called them up on the phone and said something like "Would you like to go to dinner?" and they would say "Yes" most of the time. And then you'd meet them and eat and talk and if you both still weren't repulsed by each other you go to one or the other's home and have sex. Just to satisfy your desire to have sex. It didn't mean you were dating, or were going to get married. It meant you were horny and they were good enough. And if they turned out to be better than good enough you could make it a regular thing. It didn't mean you were exclusive, it didn't mean you were committed, it meant you liked to fuck with that person. What happened to that? Only you people out there who aren't actually up for having sex can answer this question. But you have to look deep inside yourselves for the real answer. Because it isn't any of those excuses that I listed above. No one would let that petty shit get in the way of a good fuck. You say, "I'm looking for my true love, that's not petty!" All I can say is that if you think you are going to meet your true love on here you need a therapist. If you think you can tell what kind of chemistry you'll have with someone by staring at them on the screen try this little experiment. Find any living person on this earth, your mother, your secretary, the guy at the check out counter, and have them look you in the eyes for 10 seconds, and you look back. Notice anything? Now have your favorite fantasy fuck on AdultFriendFinder turn on their web cam and star right at the lense for a minute. Then you look at their eyes on the monitor. Look right into their eyes. Notice anything? See the difference? Getting a clue now are we? You are neever going to get chemistry online. NEVER!!!

So what happens to all that repressed sexual energy? All the frustration of not getting laid? It turns into anger, what else. Have you noticed how touchy people are around here? Especially the people who've been here a long time. Touch the wrong nerve in the most indirect way and BOOM! A ranting personal attack that makes being locked in a closet with Rodney Dangerfield feel like a visit to the Dali Lama.

Please people! If you are wound so tight that the slightest indirect reference like "I prefer people with brown eyes" causes you to write a flaming dissertation on the pathetic nature of the person with such a preference then you need to get your ass up from the computer now, and don't come back until someone has licked it enough, or stuck something in it far enough that you actually got off, preferably more than once.

I think that is about it for me. I'm leaving now. I'm going someplace where I can see real people. Maybe I'll even meet a real person who's horny. In which case I may just get laid. God knows, it's never going to happen here.

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