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questions from Corezon

In a post from "Corezon" she asked questions about marriage and reasons for it. I thought it might be nice to tell anyone who reads me about me and my choices.

Did you think you were in love?
I always felt....lighter...around her

Did you want her so badly you couldn't bear to think of her with anyone else?
This was the age of sex, drugs and rock'n'

Was it because the other person expected you to marry them and you couldn't bring yourself to let them down?
Actually we became pregnant before marriage. I asked her many times to marry me and she would not because she could not bear the thought that I asked out of some sort of obligation. She said we would have to wait and see what kind of Daddy I was going to be.

Was it because she was your first real female friend?
Not at all

Was it the best sex you ever had? The ONLY sex you ever had?
No, but she showed proper enthusiasm.....

Was it because everyone else expected you to?
No, nearly everyone said it would not last....30years and counting

Was it because you thought they were your best friend? If so, why did you pursue the relationship in the first place?
No, we grew to that point of friendship

Did you think she would help your social status?

Did you think she would help your career?
What career.....we were the end of the hippie era.

Was she just in the right time and place when you felt it was time for you to start a family?

Did you think she had great genes for your kids??

WHAT attracted you to this person initially...and what kept you there, long enough to cross the altar?
First time I saw her was at a distance. I was seated in a lower row at a concert (JoJo Gunn, Savoy Brown) she was down on the floor in jeans and a scarf shirt. She was wearing a large black cape with a red satin liner. Her hair was zapped (do you know what that is) and she was dancing all around this cop who was trying hard to ignore her. Yet there she was spinning around like a dervish wearing his cap. I thought, that chick has got balls and she's cute too. Months later she saw me at an after concert party late night around a local swimming hole. I and some others were skinny dippin' and jumping off a short cliff to the water. Her knowing the local dangers at the ponds edge thought a guiding light was a good idea so she positioned her car and flipped on the high the exact moment I was falling through the air quite naked. She thought, that dude has got balls, and he's cute too. Months after we finally met as two mutual friends (a married couple) brought us together because they were certain we would hit it off. That couple is still married and I hunted them down for our 25th anniversary. The first time we kissed was electric, and it has been that way always. At our wedding, (barefoot in the grass with a choice few friends) my best man and her maid of honor met for the first time...they just celebrated their 26th. Our relationship has had some rough days but after thirty years, four kids and two bouts of poverty, you can still count them on just two hands.
We are happy....and are still adventuring from time to time....

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3/16/2006 7:25 pm

How perfectly "karmic". Congrats....

I make mistakes, I am out of control & at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best. ~Marilyn

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thank you for stopping by..................S.

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