What a great FUCKIING week!!  

rm_sp3rmdonor 40T
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7/16/2006 10:21 pm

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8/26/2006 12:32 pm

What a great FUCKIING week!!

I fucked and got fucked sooooooooo good this week and weekend. The weekend was especially great! From one on ones to couples (guy+girl, 2guys) it was explosive. I had two cocks in my mouth and sucked them both soooooooooooo good. Getting two cocks to explode in your mouth at the same time is so fucking hot. I got fucked in the ass on a balcony at a hotel at the beach. I moaned so long, he went forever until BAM! Another explosion. Then it was my turn. Bent him over and worked his hole good. He moaned like a little bitch, so good! Then there was G and E. She sucked my pretty tan cock while I sucked her mans. Then they both took turns sucking my she cock, mmmmmmm, damn. I loved it! I gave them both my sweet cum and they both gobbled it up!!! So hottttt! Definitely see them again, muahhhh! love ya both. Then there were some hot slutty parking lot quickie bj's I gave my daddies, always hot. And the bj's I got in return, mmmm, I came and came and came. I'm glad you guy's love to suck my pretty she cock.
This week is going to be just as good!!

rm_dvndunlop 41M

8/2/2006 7:16 pm

That is pretty hot.. I might be curious.

isntlifestrange 59M

5/6/2007 11:06 am

you are sexy bend me over drill me!!.

steviebabe2006 58M

5/27/2007 4:37 am

i want to fuck you yvette so much, but cant send you an email baby

justme77077 56M

7/30/2007 9:36 am

You do have a pretty she-cock...and what an ass/pussy. I would like to share you with a hot shemale and work you over for hours...get you stretched out enough to take two cocks in your ass at the same time. Would you like the feeling of two hard cocks moving in and out...filling you? Can you imagine how it would feel when they both swell and begin spurting? I bet it would make you squirt like a nasty little firehose.

TransGlover69 54M
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2/20/2010 11:04 am

Yvette! I do so wish you was free this weekend baby. I am in S Ca right now and so close to you Baby and would love to hear from you!!!!!!!!

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