I was dominated today...  

rm_sp3rmdonor 40T
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7/28/2006 2:09 am

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7/31/2006 5:53 pm

I was dominated today...

....I went to his business after hours, I went into his office. He locked the door behind me, I guess in case I wanted to leave because no one else was there. So I knew I was going to be used and abused....like I like. I'm not going to write every detail... ...but he did make me neel down and unzip his pants, pull out his fat limp dick and lick and suck it until it got nice and stiffffff...mmmm. After some hair pulling and getting slapped in the face with a 8" mature cock, he stood me up, turned me around, bent me over his desk, pulled down my mini skirt, tore a hole in the back of my pantyhose and started plowing me relentlesly with his hot cock.....god I loved it. He made it hurt and the more I whimpered, the harder he pumped me...he got off on making me hurt...and so did I. He was a lot bigger than me and put his weight behind each thrust. He turned me around again, he took off the rest of his clothes. I just had my on my top, my pantyhose, and my favorite high heels. I wasn't wearing panties. He pushed me back on his desk and made me lay back. He tore my pantyhose some more and pulled out my hard she cock. Then he spread my legs and inserted his big man cock in me again, I whimpered again so he pinned me down by holding down my hands to the desk and layed his whole body on top of my much smaller body. He began plowing me again...I can't lie...I LOVED IT!!! As he was plowing me, his big belly was rubbing against my hard she cock. The more he plowed my ass, the more his big belly rubbed my she cock and the better and hornier I got!! I couldn't stand it anymore and shot my load!!! My cum got smeard all over my stomach and his big belly because he kept fucking me in the ass....it was sooooo goood!!! He used me for about another hour until he was ready to shoot his load. He took his cock out of my ass, pulled off his condom, grabbed me by the back of my head and proceeded to cum all over my face...mmmmmm. Then I finished sucking him dry. By then it was dark already so I didn't even get dressed, I just picked up my skirt and my bag, thanked him for fucking me so good and walked right out to my car just wearing my top, torn pantyhose and high heels...I don't think anyone was around outside so I don't think anyone saw me... He had come out behind me after he put his clothes on...I didn't notice at first. His parking lot wasn't too visible from the street. I felt sooo naughty after what had just happened and even naughtier for walking around outside basically naked and looking like a slut. I was getting turned on again because it was about 20 yards to my car and I looked the way I did out were anyone could see me. I guess it turned him on too that I had the "balls" to go outside like that so that's why he followed me. He caught up to me and didn't waste any time. I had put my stuff in my car, he leaned me up against the side of my car and gave me a hand job right there in the parking lot. I was sooo horny again that I shot my cum in a couple of minutes. He jacked me off into his right hand then he put it up to my mouth and made me drink my hot cum....I did!...mmmmmm. I licked his palm and what cum was on his fingers, he made me eat by sticking his fingers in my mouth. I know a man riding by on a bicycle saw us. He probably thought I was a real woman because he wasn't close enough to see my special package. He came back by one more time and played dumb, like he didn't see us.
I'm such a slut!!!!!!

latinlving2006 59M/52F

7/5/2007 5:54 pm

wow!!! such a hot slut!!!!

justme77077 56M

7/30/2007 9:31 am

Nice...I would have thrown you onto the hood of your car and punded your slutty ass while pumping your cock so that I could aim your load at your bra and face...make a nice sticky mess so you could drive home dripping with cum

rm_califriendly 59M/59F
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1/2/2008 3:34 pm

Oh, this is hot.

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