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11/2/2005 10:15 am

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ass fantasy

In my fantasy you have on jeans that hug your ass and a a fuzzy angora sweater that clings to your pointy tits. I'm sitting on a bed and you're dancing seductively in front of me, teasing me with your beauty and sexiness. You unbutton your jeans, turn around, arch your back
and bend forward ever so slightly so that your ass sticks out and slowly begin to tug your jeans down, inch by inch, until your full
thong clad bottom is just inches from my face. I give your right ass cheek a playful slap then caress, kiss, and rub my freshly shaved face
against the silky skin of your entire bottom. You bend over more and I notice that the fabric of your red thong panties are riding up and I
can see your pretty pink pussy lips on either side so I softly kiss and sniff you through the fabric, taking in the essence of your scent. Your breathing becomes heavier and you stand up to remove your jeans and sweater and turn to face me. You sit on my lap and we embrace as
my hands massage your tits and my fingertips glide lightly over your nipples. We kiss and your lips taste of the sweet red wine we drank
to loosen us up. You push away and lie on your back on the bed as you pull your panties down and bend your knees up to remove them from your
ankles. As you do this I get a glimpse of your bare pussy and butthole and I feel my cock begin to swell. I stand to remove my
clothing and when I pull my boxers down my cock springs forward and
points upward. I join you on the bed and slowly begin to make my way,
kissing, touching, licking, sucking, from your neck to your tits to
your stomach until finally I am positioned between your legs, staring
at your pretty honey pie, hesitating long enough to heighten your
desire for the initial contact of my tongue on your twat. I kiss it
first and then slowly trace your pussy lips with my tongue up to your
clit. I circle it and then begin flicking it with my tongue, varying
my licks from slow to fast and light to hard. My right hand reaches
up to grope your tits and with my left hand I use my index finger to
fuck your pussy while my thumb rubs the rim of your asshole, which by
this point has gotten wet from the mixture of my saliva and your own
natural juices that run from your pussy down your ass crack. I loose
track of time but it's not too long before you're grinding against my
face and pulling at the back of my head. Soon your thighs tighten
around my head and your low moans tell me you're cumming. After
relaxing for a moment you turn over on your stomach and pull your legs
up underneath you until you're kneeling with your glorious bare ass
glistening in my face. You reach back and lightly pull on your ass
cheeks allowing me a better view and easier access to your tight
little pink asshole. This is what I've been waiting for.

I grab your legs and pull your ass back while burrowing my face
between your cheeks. I give you several long licks lollipop style
from your pussy over your taint to your asshole to the top of your ass
crack then all the way back down again before paying special attention
to just your asshole. I rim you for a while, circling and flicking
your asshole lightly, and then I harden and narrow my tongue and dart
the tip in and out of your butt. Your taste turns me on even more. I
rise to a kneeling position and enter your hot tight pussy from
behind. I'm so hard and you're so wet it glides right in. You bury
your face in the pillow you're hugging. I grab your hips and start
thrusting, slowly at first but pretty soon I'm pounding you hard for
all I'm worth. Beads of sweat form all over me and my grunts and
groans mix with your muffled moans. We're going at it so hard that
you finally fall forward flat on your stomach and I'm lying on top of
you with my cock still sunk deep in your pussy. I move my legs to the
outside of yours and sit up so that I'm straddling you. I pull out of
your pussy and when my cock pops out it points directly at the
ceiling. It is swollen, throbbing, and glistening with your natural
lube. I grab it, bend it down toward your ass crack, and rub the big
head of it against the rim of your asshole. I notice drops of clear
pre-cum oozing from my tip and getting wiped on your asshole, making
it even slicker as I press against it. I press harder and my cockhead
eases into your ever so tight ass. You groan a little and I push the
rest of the shaft of my cock in very slowly inch by inch to prevent
causing you any undue pain. I lie forward on top of you supporting my
weight on my knees and elbows and grind my hips against your butt
cheeks while enjoying the sensation of my cock being buried balls deep
in your ass. This is more than I can take and I realize I can't hold
back my load much longer. Instead of cumming in your ass I sit up and
pull my cock out so that I can watch the action. I quickly place it
between your perfectly round butt cheeks and, holding my hand on top
to keep it in place, I start humping myself up and down your wet ass
crack. Moments later I explode like a geyser, shooting off so
forcefully that the first load lands in the back of your pretty dark
hair and the rest showers you in hot white cum from your shoulders to
the small of your back. I fall back on the bed completely satisfied
and completely spent.

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