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11/10/2005 6:33 pm

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well here we go again folks i know it has been a while sorry for that. life is fucked up and its up to our minds to fashion a powerful outfit thats the mans passion principle can know mother earth in love and in passion. ending destruction homlessness, pestelince, heartache and all other negative ideologies that are terrorizing this place. But what do i know i'm 24 and a enviormental, intelligent design studying, nympho who talks to animals.

sorry about my soap box on with the story..........

i'm so tired of being so powerful and so helpless all at the same time i feel like a women!!

or even worse i feel like a minority.....

life says to man dominante nature inforce prehistoric instincts that are encarnent of being a man not only a man but ALPHA MALE!!!!!!!!!!!!

i hate that shit much more this control who has it, why are they the only ones with it, and why dosen't eveyrone have equal control? i'm trying to train my lady dog to quit being so passive she listens but still tries to potray the role that she is weaker than the male dog. and hes clearly older maybe wiser but stronger and faster i doubt it!!! wake up patra(thats her name) anyway it seems that for a while i had grown up believing that i had to look a certain way to be aceepted. starting in school all the way through life exceptance threw control? by which on can dress a certain way to attract attention and in my house hold was one that epitomized the clean cut computerized costume of we aren't rich but we can still dress like we have some class!!!! ok cool thats fine but whats even finner is a women in the club on steamy night when all is right and all of her ass and tits and eyes and toes and lips and heart and mind and soul or whatever else one can dress up to attract attention is out. my question is why? some women who dress like very sexualy revealing cause they want to they know what they are doing. but there are others who dress sexy because they want to feel like they have to fit in lets drop the age and see how imperssionable we all are. to a certain extent don't think guys are any diffenrent a classic cool man at a night club will get a nice button down shit from somewhere who cares it just has to look like you just got out of a board meeting pulled the shirt out of your pants put on some nice jeans dapped on colonge drank a six pack and came to the club. oh but who would dare now a days to even think of pulling out some bell bottoms and a white tee shirt with a head beand and some shell toes and going out like that. or even going weeks and not shaving and getting an haircut. fuck try not wearing any underwear for a while. well all of these things i have started doing to get away from everything soceity as a whole preaches conformity. i say fuck conformity be free and thats inclusive not exclusive be you be real breath and exhale air get high in life on love and fly in the clouds with your mind.

a lot of women i dated in the past were very hot but they weren't for meand i got hurt and hurt others so i said also if i focus my attention on me my inner man and my soul you know searching for answers within howling at the moon apperance like a crazed hobo dancing in the rain type deal then i'll be able to be alone women won't want me and maybe just maybe i'll find contentment peace from within. well guess what happened the more i started to focus on myself you know within reaching for the stars i sarted to get more eyes and brushes up against me and looks of souls to looking somewhere within. maybe themselves which turned out to be a votex like a melting pot of holes into a gap connecting all who are in it our lives in what ever ways they do connect. but this was the last thing i wanted i thought this was my out ad it turned out to be my birth into beauty from within.

scared to say for i can't explain it, turns out that spirits are really real alive in all of us the more we focus on ourselves the more the light of life opens and shows just how close we are together but how do you prove it. sometimes i'll just be there and people inparticular women will gravitate towards me i feel so awkward though. i'm a big guy with alot of hair and a beard and mustash it dosen't seem to make one difference. i'm perplexed but i'm becoming more grounded in who i am whatever that is and in some way each day i really feel so connected to people that are around me.

well thats really deep so who would have thought that becoming a naturalist you know in an attempt to get away from women would actually turn out to be a magnet. well i'm scared shitless not enough to cut my hair though i just wonder what tommorow will bring....

i really don't have any questions to ask but if anyone would like to write back let me know your thoughts that would be cool!!!!

oh before i forget there were 2 comments from my last article that i couldn't get sorry about that i'm still working on it.

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