The Veil of Misguided Physical Beauty???  

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10/26/2005 11:05 am

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The Veil of Misguided Physical Beauty???

I once dated this girl for a while online, we meet in a chat room. And after a couple of months we could tell things were to getting serious YES, so we really were atarting to long to meet. We started to plan a date. She had shown me a pic of her so I had a vauge idea of what she looked like. I looked about 10lbs.heavier than in my pic.(Good) After 5 months of talking I went to meet her. Did she look like I thought she would no butafter that time we had spent talking online and on the phone I was in love with her so much so it didn't matter. the relationship lasted for 2 yrs. and we could have possibly gotten married but things didn't shape the way they should but anyway thats pretty long right. I learned an important lesson from that WHEN YOU LOVE SOMEONE IT DOSEN'T MATTER WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE. I know you are probably thinking but sc if you would have seen her out somewhere and she tried to talk to you, you probably wouldn't have talked to her. And thats not true because she was beautiful to me she just had a some extra pounds in areas that stood out. But when I meet her it seemed like I wasn't even looking at her but to be honest I was cause after about a year I would always try to get her to come and run with me. But its all good, right!!!!
And when we made love it was so beautiful I felt like we were on a plesurable passionate emotional rolocoaster and it was great everytime. I gave her her 1st orgasim too. Not like a hot cool point line for me but yet a retrospective glance at me being in a heart felt emotional love style journey. ......... ..... .. .. .. . . .

So here it is are looks as important as emotions? Is it more important to be with someone who knows you, who loves you?

Or is it possible on this planet of earthdom that looks are the end all give all dominating factor when it comes to love? In saying could you ever see your self with someone that you might not be all that physically attracted to but you know that they know you love you and respect you.

In a nut shell just my very own conclusion that love lust and emotions are far more indepth than my clothes and my happy by cliniqe' for men that I love to wear!(Just in case I meet any of you ladies from here I'll see if ya rememba') It's in the heart it's in the soul and whether we are on a one night stand a 2 yr committed relationship or a all out chemistry extravaganza. We need to need to be connected on some level close to the core of our hearts.....


rm_soulcycle 36M

10/29/2005 7:28 pm

Hey whats up thanks for the good words I love how life is full in its existence and real in it conciousness, one has to allow the soul to enlighten the mind and then the the body will manifest it's message. I love your spirit do your thang' be strong, love life and let your light shine.

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